That short sharp-ass hair you get a few days after shaving.
Damn man, that shair on your face really poked me!
by L Kazi May 21, 2020
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A price of hair that is found on your shoe, or originally known as, “a shoe hair”
Guy 1; You have a shair
Guy 2: A what?!
Guy 1; A shair. It’s a shoe hair.
Guy 2: A shoe hair?
Guy 1; A piece of hair on your shoe
by Jyrusgoodbeck May 11, 2018
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A piece of hair on a shoe

Or a “Shoe hair”

Created by: Sam and Ava
Guy 1: “Dude look what’s on your shoe!”
Guy 2: “It’s hair wtf”
Guy 1: “You mean it’s a Shair?”
Guy 2: “What’s a Shair?”
Guy 1: “It’s a piece of hair on a shoe.”
by socialoutcast December 26, 2018
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A marvelous guy who is packing sum heat down there.
You remind me of shair man
by Shairthepussyslayer November 23, 2021
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To use when you compare something to something greater, to designate the best
Person 1 : " Have you seen how good Chad is in maths ? He rocks !"
Person 2 : " Yeah, but he's not anywhere near Shair !"
Mom : " If you keep practicing the piano son, you'll maybe be as good as Shair ! "
Son : " No one can be as good as that mom."
by ÉmilieA440 December 30, 2021
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When my cat gags up a hair ball then my dog thinks she is sharing, he then eats it and we have the "shair ball"
Sake the cat shared a hair ball with Buddy the dog. Buddy ate Sake's shair ball
by Wordan December 26, 2020
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The loyalest, most genuine, most charismatic, sexiest man you can get he’s one of a kind.
Shaire is cute. Shaire is fine. Shaire is attractive. Shaire is tall and fine. Shaire is simply that guy. Lets be real here Shaire can do it all
by Froztyth3goat November 21, 2021
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