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The terminology used in the Northern California fishing scene compliments a kayak angler pics of approval.

It originally started by a group of kayaking trolls calling a kayak fisherman pro-staffers as Pro Pros but it eventually evolved to all kayaking pics of accomplishment. Ron Lewis, a tournament kayak angler from NorCal cannot understand why his club fellow members "From the Depths" are calling him a Pro Pro when he shared a picture of him doing well in a tournament! So he looked it up and Urban Dictionary defined him as a "Professional Prostitute."

Dying of laughter, the term has evolved to a "Prostaff Prostitute" But now the terminology is widely used to comment on someone's fishing pics of approval.
Picture Post: Won 1st Place at Berryessa
Comment: Pro Pro
Picture Post: Check out my new Fishing Jersey

Comment: Pro Pro
Picture Post: New kayak with 10% off discount
Comment: Pro Pro
by mobbology March 29, 2021
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a person who engages in sexual acts for money; a prostitute
Anni: "Pro-pro. Twelve o'clock."
Aman: "How can you tell?"
Anni: "She once approached me."
by Kevin_K October 16, 2006
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A way of calling someone a prostitute or a whore very useful also known to as a slut
that girl is such a pro pro she will fuck anyone
by smillyfries June 13, 2007
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(Professional Procrastinator) One that has the ability to form their greatest works at the last second.
Kale: Is Jon ever going to start that work? Its due on Friday!
Hans: He will, He's just a Pro-Pro.
by Baker KC February 14, 2011
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Did you hear what he just said? So in a pro pro.
by Caitmh December 7, 2010
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