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1) money in the form of bills or coins; currency; cash

2) of or obtained by means of bills or coins, or cash

Note that plasticity is to the credit card as liquidity is to cash.
"I'm outta liquid, but I still gots the plastic to cover our meal."

"The electric bill's due, but all I've got is liquid!"
by Kevin_K May 19, 2006
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The act, process, or result of altering or modifying (either by injecting or affixing) profane language into general vocabulary in order to express and emphasize one's anger, surprise, exhilaration, or any other emotion.
instances of swearatility below include the usage of "regoddamndiculous," "absofrickinlutely," and "monotone-ass":

Sydney: "That's regoddamndiculous. Why can't she just make the macaroni salad herself!?"

Isaiah: "Nice shoes."
Heather: "Absofrickinlutely!"

Izzy: "Where's my pillow? I need to get to class now."
Airon: "Explain."
Izzy: "My professor's monotone-ass voice puts me right to sleep."
by Kevin_K May 18, 2006
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a person who engages in sexual acts for money; a prostitute
Anni: "Pro-pro. Twelve o'clock."
Aman: "How can you tell?"
Anni: "She once approached me."
by Kevin_K October 16, 2006
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the carbonated cola soft drink Pepsi, as pronounced by some Asian-American restaurant employees and others who take a respectful liking to such dialectic pronunciation
"We have Pessi, Diet Pessi, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, hot tea, coffee, and water."

"Diet Coke? Diet Pessi okay?"
by Kevin_K July 31, 2006
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1) The event and resultant mess of a package of macaroni (often a box of Kraft brand Macaroni and Cheese) rupturing because of human error.

2) The spillage of a package of macaroni during and because of rough oral sex.
1) "Dude, someone set off a macaroni bomb in the hallway. There's fuckin' macaroni shit on the god damn fuckin' carpet!"

2) "Bitch, not now I'm trying to consume my macaroni. {Macaroni bomb occurs.} Look what you made me do, bitch! I set off a macaroni bomb on my new shoes, bitch."
by Kevin_K November 28, 2005
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one of two persons perfectly compatible with each other physically, intimately, and sexually

note: designation of "bodymates" does not infer love, emotional connection, or any other nonphysical compatibility between people, as is inferred by "soulmates"
Leslie: "Are you official?"
Sam: "No, just bodymates."
by Kevin_K October 14, 2006
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