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Hella Pounds or a whole lot of pounds. Coined by an East Bay native Obedie Williams in the Northern California fishing scene.
Aye, check out this 5 Younder gordita with the sexy belly shirt!!! Yee Tah Dee!!!!!
by mobbology March 5, 2020
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The terminology used in the Northern California fishing scene compliments a kayak angler pics of approval.

It originally started by a group of kayaking trolls calling a kayak fisherman pro-staffers as Pro Pros but it eventually evolved to all kayaking pics of accomplishment. Ron Lewis, a tournament kayak angler from NorCal cannot understand why his club fellow members "From the Depths" are calling him a Pro Pro when he shared a picture of him doing well in a tournament! So he looked it up and Urban Dictionary defined him as a "Professional Prostitute."

Dying of laughter, the term has evolved to a "Prostaff Prostitute" But now the terminology is widely used to comment on someone's fishing pics of approval.
Picture Post: Won 1st Place at Berryessa
Comment: Pro Pro
Picture Post: Check out my new Fishing Jersey

Comment: Pro Pro
Picture Post: New kayak with 10% off discount
Comment: Pro Pro
by mobbology March 29, 2021
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Maroupie is a "Male Groupie" coined by a Filipino American hip hop artist from the Bay Area Nump aka Nump Trump
"Get the fuck outta here with that hoe shit you acting like a bitch, you Maroupie!" -- Nump on IG
by mobbology October 28, 2021
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its short for Shabu. Shabu is a tagalog term widely used in the Philippines for a extremely high grade form of Crystal Meth.
Wassup with some shabs?
by mobbology June 10, 2006
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A term that originated in the mid 90's Sideshow culture in Oakland, CA (Bay Area). Challenging someones high performance vehicle in an exhibition of speed. ie. burnouts, donuts, figure 8's, racing.

Paul Wall and Mike Jones were not around hip hop during this time era.
by mobbology June 4, 2006
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a term by used by ravers under the influence of ecstacy. similiar to thizzin in bay area,ca.
i was hella rollin last night at the club.
by mobbology June 5, 2006
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