A fisherman. Sportfisherman commonly refer to themselves as anglers. No one really knows why. It sounds cool.
The angler stayed with the 600lb Blue Marlin for the entire 2 hours it took to real her in!
by Matty Hendrix May 13, 2006
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An Angler is something you call a woman's oversize labia that is no longer tight but extremely loose. Like the angler fish luring in its prey
That girl had one of the biggest angler's I have ever seen
by BTPKM September 25, 2006
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People whose profile pictures are all taken at creative angles because that is the only way they look good.
My friend's grilfriend looks like Nacho Libre but her Myspace pics look alright because she's an angler.
by #1Heather March 26, 2007
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A female that looks completely different on social media posts (instagram, twitter, etc) because of perfect angles in their selfies.
Dude 1 : Damn bro did u see that girl's new instagram photo? She's hot!
Dude 2 : Aw nah bro she's an angler, she looks nothing like that in real life.
by peach cherry November 30, 2018
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Angler was academically suspended from Yale University twice and went to jail a few times.
by Coop Dupe January 17, 2020
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A hideous, lazy, uneducated, and rural Angler Fish Character from SpongeBob SquarePants; "Trenchbillies". Also used to to describe a hideous, lazy, uneducated, and rural person.
Did you see that guy? He looked like Ma Angler!
by Junior Escamilla August 16, 2012
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a person who is interested in the male sex organ, either being a gay or a woman. Some people are recreational wang anglers, while others are professionals. Professional wang anglers are characterized by loose vaginas/anuses, STD's, and the need to be smacked around by a Pimp. Recreational wang anglers usually hang out at bars and have lower back tattoos. Male wang anglers are characterized by designer clothes, a feminine voice, and a raging passion for cowboys' butts.
Get off your wang angling ass and make some money.

That dude at the gym is such a wang angler.
by JSypder August 04, 2007
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