A short acronym meaning "Pretty Fucking"

Used before an adjective to make it more powerful.

Synonymous with "really".
*Guy on facebook*

pf tired!


that girl was pf cute.
by Le Goofay August 31, 2011
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You going to PF with WB tonight??

Wow, you definately were pfing in class.

Dude, pfing with WB?
by thecscherme September 24, 2009
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I don't use that acronym often, but hey, it works.

PF = Brilliance
by trippypigeons January 20, 2009
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PF = Poopy Fingers

When a guy fingers a girl in the ass and gets poop on his fingers. This can be a warm up to anal sex for the girl or just for kinky pleasure.
Tony: Hey what did u do with Alex last night?
Daniel: Man all I did was finger her.... in the butt!!!
Tony: Dude that's disgusting!
Daniel: It was great at the time but now I have PF for life.
by sportsman247365 August 17, 2010
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PF is the acronym for “Penis Friend”.
Lex and her PF are too cute!
by Hskfok July 19, 2018
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"Oh my god! Look at that girl's PF! She is practically tripping on it!"
by herby & kristen August 8, 2005
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Short for "poo fart," a fart that smells the same as a fresh turd. Normally an indicator of the body's need to empty its bowels.
by milit4nt July 12, 2009
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