The sexiest man alive,he will always put a smile on your face he will love you no matter what
Girl:my boyfriend is Salvador he loves me so
by Kktheboss April 26, 2017
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The sexxiest man in a room.
An Extremely attractive guy.
Gina: "wow, that is one hot guy!"
Brenda: "He's such a Salvador!!!"
by DisDiiiihhh October 25, 2007
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Different individual. Very independent. Knows how to work a woman in bed, and has a unique taste in music.
See a Salvador around with his Dr Dre Beats headphones on and for sure he has the latest underground music playing. Rarely seen in public though.
Person1: Oh my god, where's that awesome music coming from?
Person2: That's just another Salvador driving around. Pretty dope with those Alpines on his '64.
Person1: the Typical Salvador.
by BITCHSUCKMY September 5, 2011
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He has a huge long fat cock and will fill any whole no matter what gender but is not gay he is a dank memer and has lots of friends you will never be that cool you fucking weeb
Hot thot : wanna smash

Salvador : nah i am thot patrol
by Nigger fag November 4, 2017
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Super smart dude. Sometimes very cocky. Extremely hot. Knows A LOT! Seems to be better than other men and always is looking for something in a very mature fashion. Very kind and well intended. Ask a Salvador for a favor and if he likes you consider it done.
Chick #1: Yesterday I had a work to turn in.
Chick #2: And what did you do?
Chick #1: I asked Salvador and got 100%!
Chick #2: WOW! I should ask him to help me study.
Chick #1: You should, he is so smart and gentle. And so HOT!
Chick #2: I know! I just wish he wasn't so faithful to his gf.
Chick #1> I know! I would fuck his brains out...
by ms. rachel April 6, 2011
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(N.) The most provocative person you could ever come across. Often confused with a wild beast, this humble man is in fact one of the greatest love machines to stalk the planet.
Omg is that a Salvador?
We should capture it!!
by SonicJives February 6, 2009
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Hella hottie, who attracts women easily, but also sweet, loving, and sexyyy
Person 1:Who's that hot guy?
Person 2: a Salvador most definitely
by Mamii98 January 22, 2017
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