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Salvador is the perfect man. Truly. He's intelligent and handsome. Witty and wise. Respectful and fun. Ambitious and spontaneous and so much more. Words can't describe him well enough. He'll take your breath away, make your heart race, send your butterflies fluttering and all without even trying. He's absolutely stellar and when you look at him, and how he is, and what he's done, and what he wants to be, you'll have to pick your jaw up off of the floor because he's amazing and you can't help but be astonished. If you encounter a Salvador and you manage to make him yours, don't you ever let him go. You'll never find another man like him, though you'd try all your life.
Girl: I'm so lucky to have found a Salvador. I didn't know men like this existed in real life until I found mine.
by HeyYouItsMe April 20, 2013
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n.- a creature only believed to exist in the fantasies of Venezuelan supermodels. This mythical being is said to take the form of a man with three legs (however, there are accounts that state the third leg doesn't seem to be used for walking).

Deemed unfit to exist alongside normal men, it exists in the 4th dimension. This is perhaps the reason why it seamlessly transports itself from a woman's fantasy to her undercarriage.

Approach with caution.
hoochie 1: damn... my boyfriend did not know what he was doing last night. Good thing I was visualizing a Salvador

hoochie 2: yea girl, i feel you...but you know Salvador is mine right?

(hoochies commence battling)
by porrista14 April 30, 2009
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The sexxiest man in a room.
An Extremely attractive guy.
Gina: "wow, that is one hot guy!"
Brenda: "He's such a Salvador!!!"
by DisDiiiihhh October 25, 2007
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(N.) The most provocative person you could ever come across. Often confused with a wild beast, this humble man is in fact one of the greatest love machines to stalk the planet.
Omg is that a Salvador?
We should capture it!!
by SonicJives February 06, 2009
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Different individual. Very independent. Knows how to work a woman in bed, and has a unique taste in music.
See a Salvador around with his Dr Dre Beats headphones on and for sure he has the latest underground music playing. Rarely seen in public though.
Person1: Oh my god, where's that awesome music coming from?
Person2: That's just another Salvador driving around. Pretty dope with those Alpines on his '64.
Person1: the Typical Salvador.
by BITCHSUCKMY September 05, 2011
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Super smart dude. Sometimes very cocky. Extremely hot. Knows A LOT! Seems to be better than other men and always is looking for something in a very mature fashion. Very kind and well intended. Ask a Salvador for a favor and if he likes you consider it done.
Chick #1: Yesterday I had a work to turn in.
Chick #2: And what did you do?
Chick #1: I asked Salvador and got 100%!
Chick #2: WOW! I should ask him to help me study.
Chick #1: You should, he is so smart and gentle. And so HOT!
Chick #2: I know! I just wish he wasn't so faithful to his gf.
Chick #1> I know! I would fuck his brains out...
by ms. rachel April 05, 2011
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a Sexy piece of ass with crazy ass hair. resembling a hippie.
person 1: "damnnnn. did you see that guy, he finee"
Person 2: "ooo yea, thats salvador but dont bother with him, hes been around."
by salm.poopypants November 04, 2010
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