Short for “Primo” which is Spanish for cousin. Kind of like saying cuz but I’m spanish.
What’s up Pri, how you been”
“Damn Pri, stop flexin
by TheGhostPri July 7, 2019
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Someone from tha 2400 Block.
My nigga toby love es un pri.
by 3W January 16, 2007
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A muscular man with a godly figure although he looks like a Maltesers. has a very lovable face like a pikachu's. he has a very grape like demeanor about him while also looking like Tinky Winky. He leaks fish oil and his the very source of omega 3. all the girls love him but he all ways has someone already and makes anyone who falls for him disappointed that he is taken. He maybe muscular but his body feature is the shape of a coca cola bottle.
OMG look at that man he is such a pri
by Gabi_akhtar101 February 21, 2020
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1.distinguishable from others: entirely different; distinct, unique.
1. I like the way he dresses; it's pris.

2. This painting is pris; I bet it costs a fortune.
by true ace August 22, 2006
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a group of friends, homies you ride with.
Hey bruh, you tryna come chill wit me and the pris
by mylesomo December 25, 2015
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Past of pry= to move lift or move something by pressing a tool against a fixed point.
The car trunk had been pried open and all her equipment was gone.
by Josh Jackson Camargo September 11, 2010
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pri- is a miami slang that originates from honduran americans in the little havana neighborhood,it is short for (primo) which means cousin in spanish to call each other,but not necessary mean they are blood related its just a formal way of speaking to each other like an extended family member
homie: pri u down to go grab some baleadas to eat right now ?
other homie: yea im down pri lets just smoke first then we out
by Dade305FL February 2, 2022
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