The greatest morning show of all time. Can be listened to on 93.3 WMMR every weekday morning. If you don't like Preston and Steve than you suck.
Preston and Steve are the best show ever. In what other show will an intern get hot sauce shot up their ass?
by Naomi Saukaitis July 10, 2008
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Hilarious morning show guys

Best morning show anywhere, esp. in Philly
Preston and Steve are XD
by People's Champ February 16, 2004
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A collaborative effort between one or more individuals to play rock and roll, bust your balls and have a great time doing all in the process.
Preston and Steve totally rock!
by Rich Litwin February 25, 2005
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Viva La Preston and Steve!
Please save Preston and Steve Now!
by XT February 25, 2005
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The greatest morning show in the country, if not spreading to the world due to podcasts

Hosted by Preston Elliot: born in St.Louis MI he originally worked for a radio station down there as an after noon disc jockey. after leaving that show by taking a recommendation from an industry friend Jim Mcguinn who was heading to a station in the philly area named WDRE. Preson decided to leave St. Louis and head for philly and his new job. shortly after joining WDRE the station was switched to a Rap/Hip hop station, then joining up with former co-workers and going into the Alternative rock station Y100 and started the morning show there. After 2001 when Marylin Russel left the morning show the TRUE Preston and Steve show became one. in 2005 Radio One (see douchebag) decided to switch all there radio station formats to urban music (see crap or shit) Preston was then forced to chose to end his carrer or join in with philly's famous WMMR the entire morning show (preston, steve, kathy, casey-boy, nick, and interns) switched over to WMMR, and have been there ever since (93.3 WMMR rocks)

Co-Host and Comedian: Steve Morrison has been in the radio industry for over sixteen years doing everything from comedy commercial production for WDRE in New York and Philadelphia to working on morning shows at Q104, Y100 and now on WMMR. He is happy to have this job working with Preston, Casey, Kathy and Nick.

Executive Producer: Casey “Boy” Foster is a local boy, who went to Cardinal O'Hara High School and Ursinus College in Collegeville. After graduation, he fell right into the arms of radio and feels lucky to be a part of the Philly radio community. 8 years later, he’s here at WMMR, along with Preston & Steve, Kathy & Nick.

Producer and webmaster: Nick McIlwain joined the Preston & Steve show in 2004 after working for Pierre Robert at 'MMR for 3 years. He was born and raised in this area, graduated from Conestoga High School and Bucknell University, and now lives in Valley Forge with his wife and their rabbit, Carmela LaFawnduh.

Traffic, news, and female presence: Kathy Romano joined the show in 2003 after doing traffic for NBC-10 where she occasionally still fills in as a traffic reporter. She is also the in-arena host for the Philadelphia 76ers where she works side by side with WMMR’s night-time DJ, Matt Cord. Kathy is an excellent cook, a terrific dancer, and by far, the prettiest member of the show!

very humours radio show that deals with many issues, has many many histerical moments when steve (former stand up comedian) makes random comments that fit perfectly (or completely off topic) that are hilarious

Common things done on the show:
Love You/Hate You Line: a line that the show came up with after hearing another radio show do this, listeners call in and complain or rant about how much they hate or love somthing. very funny somtimes

Philly’s Hottest Contest: a monthly contest where we solicit from our listeners to find out who the Hottest local lady may be in a particular category. We’ve discovered everything from Philly’s Hottest Student, to the Hottest Eagles Fan, to the Hottest Bikini Bod, to the Hottest Cleavage.

Lost – our favorite show on television. Every time a new episode airs, we recap the latest details, story lines, and theories the next morning.

Bizarre file- one of the funniest segments. preston reads off a list of weird things that have happend in the world, usually include castration and death, extremly funny and worth while to listen to.

Science Day: a day that the entire team comes along and does some weird shit, includes acting like an 8th grade chemist like throwing light bulbs into a microwave, or microwaving a bar of soap, also very funny

Drunk day: a PSA (public service announcement) on the "horrors" of drinking, happens once a year around the start of June, very funny, Kathy and Casey-boy get smashed and have no idea whats going on, definitally worth a listen to.

Months of stunts: an entire month where preston and steve torture one of there own, it used to be Casey-boy but after a long whilhe the only stunt they could do was to actually kill him, now they have intern joe to do this to, very funny, includes massive pain and tattoo's on his taint
give them one week of listening and your gonna be hooked
(audio sound of homer simpson): ROCK AND ROLL
preston and steve: thanks caller whats your name (yada yada)
(all together): GADZOOKS
by Syntih May 12, 2006
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