Very beautiful but doesn’t know it. She is smart, funny, but insecure. She loves food and has a remote friend group of 4-5. She’s loyal and curvy. She may have a tough life and may have depression. But love her endlessly. Never betray her.
Is that a Marylin?

Wow I need her!!
by Hi I love you January 26, 2019
a fucking hot bad ass girl, who doesnt give a fuck about what people say about her. she's the nicest yet hottest, out of all them bitches!
by CHUNTI101 March 17, 2011
1. Maryline is a woman who sets her own definition - a woman of power, principled, individualistic, self-conscious, eccentric, and creative. When in love, an incorrigible romantic, a miserable poet; in a fit of fury, her voice echoed like a damning curse of an ancient goddess; when happy, she strolls in pride and everything else considered nuisance by any standard, looks like a harmless ant.

2. Someone who holds and practices a very sophisticated, transcendental view towards life. Her way of life is a matter of complete freedom within the boundary that she won't hurt others nor set anyone in a cage. Within her circle, you won't feel the circle: you'd feel unconstrained and at ease being yourself.

3. A divine name. The spelling "Maryline" is a rare variation of "Marilyn", elaborated from "Mary" which means Star of the Sea (latin: Stella Maris) - an ancient title of the Virgin Mary.
Example: I know what kind of person this is: she is a complete Maryline!
by eyster sauze November 28, 2019
Talented actress, 1936-62. Friends with the Kennedys of Camelot, USA. Commemorated in a song by Enya on the album Watermark. Murdered by a gibbous fanatic on his way to an eldritch rendezvous because she knew far too much about the Great Chthulhu.
Marylin Monroe. She sang Happy Birthday against the coming of the cosmic night.
by Fearman August 25, 2007
Man from 1950: "Look at that HOT BLONDE! She's flashing us her UPPER THIGH!"

Man from 2005: "Look at that skinney rooster-face blonde! She's flashing us her frothy vagina and prelapsed anus!"
by MollAYYYYYYYY June 8, 2005

Previolsy called "marylin manson and the spooky kids". They are musicaly and lyrikally talented artests in there own way like any artest.
by P. D October 20, 2007
1) A sweet country girl who had to have been a good actress to look that vapid.
2) A product of the 50s designed by hollywood to make white men work really hard to help the economy.
3) a woman who was the prototype american boat whore.
Marylin Monroe had sex with Little Richard.
by anonymous March 5, 2005