"You're about to make me get hot right now."
"Oh Jim, you get me so hot."
by yeeees February 11, 2008
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"You guys haven't started the project yet? Better get hot, biotches!"
by Carl Willis October 18, 2004
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To get angry and about to hit somebody.
Nigga was gettin' hot, he was bout to steal on that bitch
by PerfectBalance February 5, 2005
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Military origin: To do hard work or exercise.

Interpretation: During strenuous activity, the body temperature will increase.
Moving equipment from point A to point B, sergeant yelling: "We don't have all day, get hot! Get hot!"

Doing morning PT: "Move your asses! Come on! Let's go! Get hot!"
by Rakor April 7, 2012
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The act of getting hot on an object or person; not to be confused with 'getting wet'.
Crutches tried to get hot on the stairs, but the stairs got hot on him.
by crutches&steph August 29, 2017
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This phrase is commonly used to tell someone to settle down before they become overly angry or upset. Italians tend to use this phrase more often than other nationalities.
Amanda: I skipped class today and I just realized I might have missed a test!

Anthony: Don't get hot!

Amanda: Ok.
by strawberryamanda October 4, 2006
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