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A cornucopia of Juuling, sexual predators, and librarians who will force you to divide your friend group into quadruplets. The only thing getting fucked worse than Ted Cruz in the last election are the grades of its students. This school has rules more intrusive than the NSA after you've been googling ISIS all night. Moreover, this shit stain of a building is home to an assortment of different races, cultures, backgrounds, and vape flavors. Students flock to the sound of "mango" like a Walmart on Black Friday with a 2 for 1 sale on iPhones. Conestoga also gets a lot of press, any press is good press, unless it involves a broomstick or a 65 year old chauffeur.
Friend One: "Hey you got any pods?"
Friend Two: "Nah ask the kids trapping over at Conestoga High School"
by BeatAssDefinitions February 02, 2018
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a crowded and beat school in southeast PA. We smart and savage. it is very beat, and they make u wake up early as fuck. the teachers are chill less. our drink of choice is natural ice. we smart, but we chillin.
Candice blew a smart Asian from conestoga highschool.
by 1234569dicks June 05, 2016
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