A shortened term used to describe the event of going out for "Pre Drinks" or going to a "Pre-Meeting"
1. We're gonna have a preemie at my house before we go to the club.
2. Before we meet with the Board of Directors, we should have a preemie to plan our presentation.
by Jake_F September 24, 2020
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a baby that was born prematurely
My niece was not a preemie. She is short beacuase her real father was.
by Light Joker March 02, 2006
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A baby born 6 weeks or more before its due date. From "premature".
It's very rare for the child of a first-time mother to be a preemie.
by TNT March 26, 2005
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-Short for premature ejaculation
-When a male releases sperm before intercourse
Dude, Norman totally preemied when he saw his mom changing through the window.
Jake laughed so hard at Ana's dildo incident that he preemied.
Rachel Tice is so hot I can't help but preemie when she uses her inhaler.
Dean couldn't take his eyes off Cas while he was fighting. His sexiness sent shivers through Dean and it was hard for him not to preemie.
by faggots4breakfast April 13, 2013
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Taking a shit before it is done brewing deep in your bowels. It is a hastily forced turd due to knowing you will have limited access to a clean and suitable toilet later in the day.
I grunted out a preemie this morning because the nosey lady at work keeps locking the john.
by robotbrian July 26, 2011
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when the conception is premature, rather than the birth.
Sarah Palin's son Track just had a child three months after the wedding; must be a baptist preemie.
by BJ33196 August 18, 2011
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