Your inspiration to do your assignments
The day when you really do your assignments
Professor: What's inspiring you to make the project?
College student: The due date
by senioritistic-student July 4, 2017
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A theory that states that the term "due date" was meant to be "do date"; you do your work on that day. The definition was simply diluted over the years.

No, I'm not justifying procrastination what do you mean
"Did you do your homework? It's due next week."
"No way brother I am a firm believer of the Due Date Theory. If it's due next week I'll do it next week."
by Fokking Seinþroska January 25, 2023
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When woman is so fat you do not know if she is really fat or pregnant
When is the due date because you are fat as hell.
by Fatty2mattyzant December 12, 2018
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Paying your cell phone/internet/cable when the service is threatened to be cut off, rather than the date due on the bill. This usually results in having to pay the bill in person with a money order because they don't have a checking account.
Klamydiah had to go down to Verizon to pay her phone bill. She stopped at Ray Ray's liquor and check cashing to get a money order cuz they gonna cut it off. I don't know why she wait till the section 8 due date.
by MindGrapes November 13, 2014
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