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An alternative/techno Metal band that enjoyed moderate sucess in the late 90's, doing tracks for the movie Zoolander, games like Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo 3, among other titles. Origonally they were a 'spacey' heavily techno-influenced band. The produced a few good songs and some solid albums. Just before the release of their next techno-metal album, Spider One (frontman) cancelled the album. Though it outraged many fans, Spider realized that the sound had just become too old, over-done, reproduced, and... dare I say; stereotypical. Convienently enough, they released another album, Transform, which was an open protest on such themes as conformity, stereotypes and consumerism. Still holding on to their origonal sound at-heart, influences of Punk and more mainstream Rock can be detected. The new album, in and of itself has some decent songs, but was not largely accepted by critics and some fans.

Also; the band has been through many line-up changes, the frontman, Spider One (Rob Zombie's younger brother), being the only origonal member.
PM5k's best songs would have to be;
Tonight the Stars Revolt
When Worlds Collide
Nobody's Real
by TrippleZero May 09, 2005
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The most Bitchin band ever! They will dominate every other band. They shall never die. It is the ever-changing, ever-existing band. No band comes close. They did not break up, two people left, and have been replaced. IT IS NOT A COMEBACK! THEY NEVER LEFT!

They are so cool...
Check em out at
by The One March 20, 2005
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one of the bestest bands on this planet ever!
spider1- vocals
adam12- guitar
ad7- drums
m.33- guitar
siggy- bass
powerman 5000 is better than you.
by me!!!!!!!! September 06, 2003
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FYI Powerman 5000 will never break up, just go away for a while then come back better than ever!!!

and a kick ass live show!!!
Spider even said so himself
by Trix4theRabbits May 16, 2004
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For short PM5K, is one of the greatest bands ever if not the greatest, and has a very recognizable sound. Too bad they broke up on Halloween 2003. :(
If you like PM5K you should also check out the lead singer's (Spyder 1's) older brother Rob Zombie!
by awex January 05, 2004
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