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When Worlds Collide is A FPS series That takes place during WW3 where America and Russia fight for world power. During the third game A X planet 1/4 the size of planet earth crashes into earth, This "X Planet" Has materials that can be used to make weapons mankind has never even imagined as described by: Ghost. During the 4th game Ghost enters a Nazi bunker with over 400 Nazi symbols causing the ban of When Worlds Collide. In the 10th game Aliens come to earth to get back their resources which were used to build weapons causing war. During the 16th game Ghost kills the alien race. 20th game Ghost Ends WW3, Ghost Stops Alien Invasion, Ghost Kills All World Powers, And Then Commits Suicide.
When Worlds Collide Was suppose to be the number 1 top selling game of 2013.
by Battery Inc. June 25, 2013
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