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1. The Greatest Band on Earth. Period.
2. a highly misunderstood force in the Rock genre that has influenced up and coming musicians worldwide.
3. Rock duo consisting of Jack Black (vocals, rhythm guitar), and Kyle Gass (lead guitar, backup vocals), occasionally hosting guests such as J.R. Reed, Sasquatch, and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.
how can you say D fans dont like Zeppelin? They did an unplugged version of Tribute with a STAIRWAY solo for shit's sake!
by Jables June 15, 2004
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The best fucking band...but why you ask?

1. Their name is great.
2. They don't care what people think of them.
3. They got a friend named Lee
4. They don't play for money.
JB: "Kyle took a bullet for me, now I gotta rock for three, KG and me, don't forget about Tenacious D!"
by BiggyJee December 30, 2004
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"...not me and KG, we don't have the cognitive capacity to lead. Alright we'll do it! We'll lead as Two Kings!"
by Diamonion January 28, 2004
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1. The two headed baby of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Molly Hatchet

2. The greatest band on earth, consisting of Jack Black, Rage Kage, occasionally Dave Grohl, Lee, Sassafrass (the Sasquatch), and Spiderman

3. One of the few things preventing the ultimate death of rock at the hands of shitty music by rocking socks 24/7 365.
All the ladies in the house say yeah, come on you mothafuckas say a prayer, when you fight, you gotsa fight fair, you mothafucka, you mothafucka!, You know what time it is... TENACIOUS D TIME YOU MUTHAFUCKA GO!
by Explosivo September 11, 2004
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Arguably the greatest band ever.

Creaters of such classics as:
Kielbasa, Tribute, Wonderboy, Friendship, and City Hall (just to name a few)
Their self-titled CD is great
by Golod April 28, 2005
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The best fucking damned, hard-rocking band in the universe
Double Team
a hard days rockin'
better slip off my shoes
let me get a little stretch and a bend
dip my toes to jacuzzi, baby
slip out this book Butress of Windsor
HO HO HO who's this how's it goin'
that's the first thing I say to you
how's it goin, are you flowin'
listen honey
thinking 'bout a couple things to say to you
showin' growin'
man I'd like to place my hand upon your fuckin' sexy ass and squeeze
and squeeeeeeeze
take off your blouse and your underpants
then take a look cause here me and KG come naked out of the sidehatch
with the oils and purfume and insents
Now you're groovin'
put on a coll 70's groove
a funky groove to fuck to
a funky groove to fuck toooo
me and KG
its all about sex supreme we likes the cream jeans
have you ever been worked on but you guys who are hot for
your snatch
thats what Im offerin' you
you step into our room
and then you smell the purfume
you lay upon our roundish bed
and then you feel a tickling on your head
its KG with the feather and the french tickler
look aout baby he got the tools
and then you fell somethin down by your toes
its me its JB
Im sucking on your toes
we dont mind suckin' on toes
good luck findin' a boyfriend who sucks toes
havin' sex with me and KG
now you talkin' doubleteam
by GdQaUnAeG February 25, 2005
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