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like the sun, he is capable of brightening up anybodies day with his great sense of humor and ability to make u laugh in a split second.
Like the sun and rain; when tears come down, Suraj dries them up.
by the one January 06, 2005

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An extremely gorgeous, smart anf funny girl girl. The total package. Whoever gets with her is madd lucky
Kid #1 - yoo who that girl.. she mad fly

Kid #2 - haha, yo give up man.. shes Preksha.
by The One January 02, 2005

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1. To be the coolest or superior in any situation given.
2. To be extremely good-looking.
1. Look at him dance, he is so Gavin Johnson!
2. He is looking quite Gavin Johnson right now.
by The One March 08, 2005

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A mean and inconsiderate person that has no respect for you.
(After Jim hits Kevin)
FUCK jim! Your the biggest dick smack I've ever met in my life.
by The one April 16, 2003

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An over bite queen...with looks that could kill....litrally.....a small chubby 'wanna' be mosher..who thinks shes pretty with a personality of a cow...not worth knowing...and a shit spreader...
Nat grogan.....spreading shit and breaking up bf's and gf's
by the one April 14, 2005

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The most Bitchin band ever! They will dominate every other band. They shall never die. It is the ever-changing, ever-existing band. No band comes close. They did not break up, two people left, and have been replaced. IT IS NOT A COMEBACK! THEY NEVER LEFT!

They are so cool...
Check em out at www.powerman5000.com
by The One March 20, 2005

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A skank from Alaska.
Came to Alaska in search of nice women, but ain't nothin' but Alaskanks up here. Fuck.
by The One March 29, 2004

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