The act of getting pumped up, typically with music, while taking a heavy ass shit
Dude I had the greatest power shitting session this morning
by Therealestog February 04, 2015
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A shit that has a fart stuck in behind it.

When you go to the toilet with a rocket-powered shit, the result depends on the type if shit- if runny, it will erupt and spray everywhere, covering the toilet bowl in modern art. If dry, all the shit will force itself from your anus in one log, leaving no mess behind, and creating a huge splash as it cannons into the water. A rocket-powered shit will need no wiping after, as the fart cleans it all up for you.
Bob: dude I need to go take a shit
John: cool man tell me how it goes

(Explosion and subsequent screams emanate from the vicinity of the bathroom)
Bob returns.

John: oh god, what have you done?
Bob: fuck. That shit was no ordinary shit.

John: oh my god
by citropussy August 07, 2013
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batteries, or the energy contained in a battery. (countable)
I brought my controller but I hope it has enough power shits.
by cheesycarrion December 23, 2007
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A simple procedure to maximize shit velocity and efficiency.

1. Clench (Anus)
2. Tense (Abdominal Muscles)
3. Push (Whilst Tensing and Clenching)
4. Release Force (Continually pushing though the entire process)
Oliver Weeding took the nastiest power shit the other day
by Shit Police February 05, 2020
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Taking a normal shit except you push extremely hard to get it out as fast as possible.
Oh no, I gotta go in 5 minutes, gotta take a Power Shit!
by ItsameaRoss September 09, 2020
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