1) stands for Recreational vehicle
2) can also be Road Virus (since they are like everywhere in the fricken summer)
1) dad: hey son, we taking the RV for a day trip want to come?
2) son: no thanks i think ive seen enough this week
by Downtown wtf August 22, 2007
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A short for the kpop girl group Red Velvet
Hey what song are you listening to?

- I'm listening to Red Flavor from RV
by rv wendy July 20, 2019
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An abbreviation for "Rape Victim" used in Police terms to desribe the events in a crime scene.

In everday use, an RV would be someone that looks ugly, shabby, or generally not good . Or it could be someone constantly followed by an RS.

See also: RS
"Check out that RV over there"

"That RV is being followed by his RS"

"What a bunch of RV's"
by Maloon April 30, 2006
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A "Recreational Vehicle". Chiefly used in reference to a motorhome, but can also apply to travel trailers, airplanes, ATVs, etc.

You've probably heard of people going RV'ing, which is the act of traveling in a motorhome or trailer.
"If I want to go RVing, I want to do it NOW, not when I'm a shriveled up piece of shit."
by Jason L. March 21, 2005
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refers to a reverse titty fuck whereas the female lays on the bed or couch with her head hanging off the edge. The male, standing up, proceeds to fuck her tits from the unconventional reverse approach. His balls and ass all up in her face.
Gomer gave that hooker an RV and her tongue was all up in his asshole.
by JohnnyDirtball June 13, 2008
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A pure liquid shit that resembles brown soup.
Dude, I was at Tennille's house when I had to take a RV. Then the fucking toilet wouldn't flush. That sucked because she was so hot.
by CC-Dog November 19, 2008
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Short for "resident vagina." Similar to a resident dick. Your partner's genitalia, your good time all the time, your in-house entertainment, your mobile box of fun!
Dude, I'm too old for this game, I am goin' home to my RV.
by Jacquelly July 15, 2010
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