a sarcastic and dismissive phrase used when indicated that you've spotted someone is trying to brag and you couldn't give a shit
Person 1: Yeah mate, just been at this messy party

Person 2: Cool man.

Person 1: No seriously I got so drunk I had to be taken away in ambulance

Person 2: Cool man!
by Ellsclark4ubaby August 24, 2009
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when someone does something that is not acceptable, "Not cool man!" is usually an appropriate phrase to inform them that what they did was not nice, cool, funny, or tolerated by society, or just you.
Uncool guy: My butt is so awesome....
Cool guy: Not cool man!
by Shiraz rocks mannnn February 3, 2018
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A man which is totally cool.
He is also the manliest of all men.
Also a chick magnet
Joseph Leung is the total definition of a cool man
by Josephs No. 1 Fan May 27, 2007
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an elderly man who wanders around parking lots yelling at teenagers. usually has a story to tell
look at cool-man-cool over there giving us the finger and grabbing his nuts! hes crazy as shit.
by cheeko February 11, 2005
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A Very Cool Man or O' Holy Glorious Master is a person who is so awsome and cool he has this name, plus, he a an awsome pleasant called theo and is in TheRandomersism Religon
Whoa is that A Very Cool Man?
by A Very Cool Man June 20, 2020
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when you have the cool man sydrome you become cool

your skin around your face form around your eyes to create sunglasses and you are forced to always have a straight face
you also always have to wear cool man clothes, like a t shirt and jeans or pants
anything that is not those will make your skin make it's own clothing out of the same material
"hey joe, you look like you got cool man syndrome."

"it's because i do, george, we talked about this."

"so how's the family?"
by Gynuq December 16, 2019
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the act of wearing dark tinted sunglasses inside of a building or at night.
by flankplank December 1, 2011
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