A power outage is a continuation of a power hour. If a power hour is 1 shot of beer every minuted for an hour, a power outage is 1 shot of beer a minute until you drop.
Kieran : Dude, kegger in the dorms today. Power Hour.
Austin : Nah man, century club! 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes!
Will: Pussies. Power outage time.
by RamblesMcJambles April 30, 2010
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When the power goes out in your house and all hell breaks loose as you have to deal with life without any electricity.
by Dubiks January 07, 2019
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Years ago, the power went out in San Francisco for a long time. Nine months later, there was a certain increase in birthrate. If you were born nine months aftert a power outage, you are a power outage baby.
Thomas is a power outage baby.
by Julsey Malone April 08, 2008
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knock 'er out,
bang 'er
Luke: yea I gave her the Meat Hammer last night.
Ian: how'd u do that
Luke: Illinois Power Outage
by limdim November 17, 2011
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Unusual conversation with family, friends or neighbors after loss of electricity following a big storm or natural disaster. Starts innocuously then devolves into random talk driven by nerves.
After the lights went out, I spoke with neighbors I never even met. The power outage banter started with what happened, then ended-up with weird and unrelated topics. Now we just smile a little when we see each other.
by yes juanito yes October 28, 2014
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When one pulls the big black cord out of another's computer, resulting in power failure and a pissed off victim. This technique allows one to elimintate all unsaved data in computer apps.
Chris: Oh, SHIT! My lucky dime fell behind anal romer's computer.
Anal: Don't even try it!
by Mister D December 17, 2004
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