20 definitions by Mister D

1. A freshman who only has upper classman friends (positive)
2. A sophmore who is still treated like a freshman (negative)
1. Devon is a froshmore.
2. Joe is a froshmore.
by Mister D October 30, 2004
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When someone says your dick is three inches you reply, "Yeah, from the ground!"
Matt: Your dick is three inches.
Devon: Yeah, from the ground!
by Mister D October 16, 2004
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Rob: Check out that ass! I would totally sperminate her any day of the week!
Matt: HAHAHAHAHA, your chances with her are slim to none.
by Mister D October 20, 2004
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The easiest class in WHS.
When the teacher is on the other side of the room everyone plays GaYmes, yes that is games with a y. Other activites during computer apps class include but are not limited to: Checking email, instant messaging, and paint.

Note: Only complete retards get caught playing gaYmes in computer apps.
mikegldi2: Hello number 5 have you seen number 2 lately?
mikegldi5: Go the fuck away!

Instant messaging during computer apps is fun.
by Mister D October 14, 2004
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a vagina that has a clitoris resembling the head of a penis
by Mister D October 18, 2004
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October 31st at WHS, also know as halloween. All of the popular girls (mostly cheerleaders) use this day as an excuse to dress up in very slutty costumes.

Examples From Halloween '04: naughty nurses, angels, devils, genies, and costumes invovling fish net stockings
Rob: HOLY SHIT! Did you see the naughty nurses?
Matt: OH Yea! I would tap their asses any day.
Rob: I'm gonna go look again.
by Mister D November 6, 2004
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An expression used to refer one who is gay, therefore he/she plays for the gay team. One can be drafted from the gay team to the straight team, but often return to the gay team.
"He plays for the other team." - Jerry Seinfeld
by Mister D November 25, 2004
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