An hour in which you drink 60 beer shots, one per minute. This is a lightweight alternative to the Century Club.
"Last night was really lame. I went over to Dee's house, we did a couple power hours, then I drove home."
"Dee who?"
by Nick D May 5, 2003
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Take one shot of beer every minute for an hour. This can be more or less potent depending on what kind of beer you drink. From strongest to weakest, your choices are malt liquor, ice beer, regular beer, and light beer. To make a power hour even better, burn a 60 minute CD with 60 1 minute tracks. Play a different song for every shot you take!
Ilan: I doubt I could last the full hour.
Todd: It depends on what you drink... lightweights can roll with the light beer. If it's not enough get more drizzed later!
by sLs finest 598 October 11, 2003
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A drinking game (originating in Upstate NY/Capital District area).

Usually played, just prior, to heading out to the bars & clubs (A.K.A. "pre-game drinking" or "pre-gaming").

RULES: using an egg timer, or clock... every participant drinks a completely full shot glass of beer every minute, on the minute... for a complete hour.

This game is used as an easy way to get a quick "buzz"... yet difficult (for some) due to the constant smaller quantities of alcohol, timing, and aeration of the beer.
Person A: "Let's get toasted before we head out to the bars!.
Person B: "Alright!"
Person C: "I think it's time for a Power Hour!"
by meatomatic May 14, 2009
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power hour is the time of day when either the sun rises or the sun sets. It is said that energy is strongest at these times of transition and therefore they are the best times for meditation.
Let's adjust to the time change and meditate an hour later to keep meditating during power hour this week.
by Ch!ara April 26, 2016
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The hour before a mum comes home when daddy day care does all the chores of the day.

You'll see daddy doing the vacuuming, dishes, dusting, cleaning, folding the clothes, mopping etc at great speed.

You'll never see such fantastic multitasking as a man during the powerhour. The man of the house will appear to have 8 arms.

Calm will return about 30 sec's before mum walks in the door.
This is also the time when babies with a father at home have the most free time to explore.
Jean Paul learnt the power hour was essential to give Karen the impression he hadn't been watching Ellen all day while Jackson entertained himself.
by bob.smith November 29, 2013
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This is a different version of POWER HOUR than the "drink 60 oz. of beer in an hour an ounce at a time per minute", that actually sounds really lame.

This Power Hour is no game, it is more of a moment in time.

Power Hour takes place at 3 o' clock in the A.M. but only after or during a night of drinking, after everybody already got drunk and some or most are already starting to pass out.

During "Power Hour" (as soon as it is 3 a.m.) it is the responsibility of the most physically active person to rouse everyone up to start drinking more, thus getting even more intoxicated and, in theory, empowered with the energy to party more.

Warning, depending on how powerful your hour is, and how much you actually drank before THE power hour...this ritual can be pretty dangerous...alcohol poisoning or whatever.
"Man...I drank my ass off. I'm about to pass out..."

"But it's 3 o clock, its time for POWER HOUR!!"

"so be it.. *drinks*"
by Justin TPIAZ July 11, 2008
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(noun.) - The wildest night in orlando on monday nights. (verb.) - The act of taking 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes.

Created by Knightly Scoop. 2005
A: Hey where are you going tonight?
B: Im going to scoop for POWER HOUR

A: How did you get so drunk last night?
B: man, you know I did POWER HOUR
by scooporlando June 8, 2009
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