A couple who exude confidence draw others into their orbit
God, Rich and Rachel a real Power Couple.
- Yeah, but there's no more rings on Saturn.
by Mad Dan (Leicester) February 10, 2015
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When two people are equally as awesome as each other and are goals to everyone. When they walk into a party everyone wants to party with them.
"Damn, Thomas and Arianna are just so individually cool, but when they are together, they're a power couple."
by Jit-Hobbit September 12, 2017
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An undeniable force between two beings that results in the everlasting happiness of the couple who together can take over the world.
That Matt and Lindsey are one Power Couple.
by JaRog2323 November 23, 2017
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When two individuals have a relationship in which they are constantly looking to improve on each other. They don't take offense to their partners critiquing of there appearance or actions. They're main focus in life is improving themselves as a couple. They put their relationship before everything and strive for perfection. Never letting the other fall behind.
I'm looking for a good girl who wants to work hard to climb to the top as a power couple.
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MY DEFINITION OF A "POWER COUPLE" : They're one in the eyes of the law and God, first and foremost.
The true power couple are always trying to please one another & make him/her smile ; leaving no room for outside influence or interference- Equally as important to the other - Faithful loyal and honest- They push the other to be and to do their very best ( careful not to exceed limits-) . The POWER COUPLE Love each other "unconditionally" . Theydont point fingers at each other but instead try to find a compromise.
The "Power-Couple" works hard to keep their love and trust alive - they do NOT waver . They go through the storm and learn from it. They work at using the "down" time and/or disagreements ,mistakes as energy to make their marriage stronger. They don't give up not leave when times are hard . They push through with all they are untill their bond is even stronger than before!
Husb.&Wife : "We are my favorite POWER COUPLE ,sweetheart."
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by JayRinaz November 09, 2017
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a couple who radiates positive energy and causes all others to be jealous. the couple consists of two people who are incredibly fit and have jaw dropping good looks. they usually are admired by all but criticized due to other's extreme jealousy. The male is obviously tall, dark, studly, spartan like, and very VERY handsome. The female is obviously petite, blonde, very fit, and pleasurable to the eye.
In the fitness world, if Dorian Yates and Jamie Eason were to date , they would be a power couple.
by Jonandra January 02, 2011
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A couple who has recently started dating, yet acts as if they have been married for twenty years, to wit they never leave each other's side. Not coincidentally these relationships tend to be crimes against humanity, common decency, and violate at least one of the sections of the Geneva Accords.
That annoying couple who have been dating for less than a week and have changed their Facebook profile pictures to a photo of the other person is such a power couple. I'm disgusted.
by Redheaded Twerp December 08, 2009
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