1.Getting off to someone’s pics/vids that you have met online or subscribed to their site,while dating someone else.Especially someone you could actually end up with.
My girlfriend accused me of pornicating and all I did was talk to someone else.
by 93 yourcultleader93 October 23, 2020
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Having intercourses whist watching porn.
Me and Jessica were pornicating last night because we were having sex while watching big booty bitches.
by Stumphugger69 February 24, 2020
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The act of making your own porn.
A mixture of pornography & fornication.

As a verb you could use pornicate.
Performing the act is pornicating.
We couldn't answer the door because we were in the middle of some serious pornication.
by SillyPsyche July 30, 2009
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To masturbate or fornicate while watching porn
I haven't been able to pornicate since my computer broke down last week
by hipposaur July 11, 2008
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the act comminted by a man who after years of using the same porn site to jack off over suddenly changes his mind one day and uses another site. the enxt time he needs to wank however he goes back to the old site as if nothing has happened.
i'm bored of monster cocks website, today i think i'll do a bit of pornication
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
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Pornicator ' pornicate: To verbally communicate sexual or illict events of another person. Typically as a revile or smear tactic
I have a issues with liars, cheaters and pornicators.
by German-_-dude October 22, 2017
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One who furnishes or distributes pornography on the internet.
The owners of NitroVideo have been pornicators for over 12 years; by now they have seen more boobs than a mammogram machine.
by NitroVideo January 10, 2011
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