A place where you will find yuppies and rednecks constantly fighting over nothing. If you are not careful, you might end up homeless while playing Musical Houses.
EXCEPT YOU Bend, Oregon. Filthy gutter trash.
by Namastekooks November 20, 2019
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A shallow, jobless, culturally bereft town in the middle of Oregon that likes to think of itself as otherwise. Most of its citizens are obsessed with the personal images associated with "organic," "active," "outdoors," and especially "local", which is ironic because most of them aren't from around here. In truth, most Bendites are a bunch of delusional, isolationist yuppies who have no concept of themselves or of the real world around them thanks to the veneer of bullshit with which they surround themselves.
If I have to listen to one more person from Bend drone on about their forced "active" lifestyle, I'm going to shove their mountainbike, skis, snowboard, or running shoes directly up their pretentious, local ass.
by A REAL Oregonian June 07, 2010
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The awesomest town in Oregon. Great skiing spot and close to the lakes.
by jsrocks October 16, 2008
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Bend, Oregon is the greatest place on Earth. Bend is a very active town, and a great place to raise children. We have farmer's markets in Drake Park, lakes to swim in, and more. Bend is the place to be! :)
Bend is the bomb!
by BendLover August 23, 2011
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The greatest city in the state of Oregon. While some say it is preppy, shallow, and full of Californian immigrants, true Bendites are amazing people who care about fitness, good food, and the outdoors. Visit to find the birthplace of the hydroflask and an abundance of puffy coats, Subaru’s, snowy days, hippies, and mountains. Bend’s also a place without homeless people, light pollution at night, and rain. It’s a magical place with superior culture and inhabitants.
Person: Where is Bend?
Bendite: It’s the greatest city in the world!
Person: I asked where it was.
Bendite: Oh yeah...it’s in the middle of Oregon.
by Bend Boy November 16, 2019
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N. Decompression sickness, caused when a diver moves from a high-pressure environment to one of low pressure too rapidly, causing bubbles to form in their bloodstream as gases in pressurized, liquid form quickly revert to their natural state. Symptoms include: blotchy rashes, coughing spasms, dizziness, unconsciousness, and a bizarre inability to bend joints (hence, the phrase the bends).
Hours after the inexperienced diver rocketed from 200 feet to the surface of the ocean, he felt ill and discovered he was suffering from the bends.
by Lo September 01, 2004
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i just want to say that #3 on the definition list is wrong.
Radiohead did not use 'the bends' as a metaphor for drugs - it was (quite an obvious, i thought) metaphor for their fast rise to the top and how it drove them crazy that everyone suddenly loved them for this one song and their frustration i guess at fake people who just wanted to be with them for their fame.

This is also implied in the EP My Iron Lung (Iron Lung being a metaphor for the song "Creep" incase you didn't catch that).
Where do we go from here?
The words are coming out all weird
Where are you now when I need you?

And who are my real friends?
Have they all got the bends?
by souvie hut February 12, 2009
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