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1. (adj) popular; mainstream
2. (n)
a. something that is popular (especially music)
b. soft drink or soda
3. (v)
a. to shoot
b. to hit; to slug; to punch
1. Pop music is usually catchy, but it can be overplayed.
a. Madonna's music is an example of pop.
b. I would like nice, cold pop, please.
a. He popped a cap in his ass.
b. I popped him in the jaw.
by Marchant July 23, 2004

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1. in a good sense, the quality of being so crappy that the object is humorous or desireable

2. in a bad sense, extremely crappy

etymology: blend of the words 'crap' and 'fantastic'
1. This place is awesomely cheesy! It's craptastic!

2. The break-up was awful. It was craptastic.
by Marchant July 28, 2004

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(n) The loveliest village on the plains. Home of the Auburn Tigers. The only university in Alabama with a decent reputation outside of the state.
He attends Auburn University. War Eagle!
by Marchant July 23, 2004

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(v) in poker, to catch fortuitous cards; also applicable in other gaming contexts

(interj) in poker, exclamation made upon catching fortuitous cards and/or winning a large pot
I binked a straight flush on the turn.

Bink! I just doubled up!
by Marchant February 19, 2011

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(n) in poker, drawing/flopping/turning the best card or combination of cards (typically it gives one a very strong hand and one's opponent a strong but second-best hand); frequently used with the verb 'to hit' and occasionally followed by 'card(s)'

etymology: probably originating from the card game of the same name
The four of hearts was gin - it gave me a full house while giving my opponent a flush.


(exclaimed) "Gin!"/"I hit gin!"
by Marchant August 26, 2007

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(n) a popular journal site that is not to be confused with blog sites (e.g. livejournal or xanga)
She records her life on Diary-X.
by Marchant July 23, 2004

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(n.) electronic validation (i.e. props, respect, recognition given online)
That was a clever forum post and deserved more e-val.
by Marchant February 20, 2008

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