think semi solid shit that squirts out slowly in a long tube shape as if it where coming out of a toothpaste tube. often required viggourous wiping afterward.
"toothpaste? nah, i use ass paste!"
by jim May 7, 2005
The putrid blend of unwiped ass and sweat forming a sticky, smelly paste characterized by a horrendous odor, an unfresh feeling, and skid marks which are impossible to remove, rendering underwear permanently soiled.
That grunge muffin asking me for spare change has visible ass paste. I could smell it a block away!
by scottiboi November 2, 2009
a shit made into paste then farted on

also known ass sfap
you smell like a shit fart ass paste
you smell lika sfap
by crazy_fagot_on_the_internet February 14, 2018
one who looks like they should be blessed with a phatty but then they turn around and it looks like a crack in an eggshell
Dammnn she's fine, ohp nvm she got cursed with the Ghost of Ass(es) Past .
by Zebra Cakess December 7, 2016
the name for someone you used to fuck but don't anymore . literally speaking , it's the ass you fucked in the past . get it ? :P

warning : meeting up with these people on occasion can be extremely awkward .
*sees crazy ex-girlfriend in walmart*

person 1 : AWWWHHH SHIT BRO .
person 2 : what!?
person 1: that girl ? she's my ass from the past .

*sprints away and hides in the lettuce section* (:
by taytaytheterminator April 10, 2011