A Poppy for me has brown hair, brown eyes, and is actually quite fit. She's not tall, but not short either. Poppy also hides her feelings where she won't get hurt, the only way you'll ever know how she feels is if she trusts you quite a lot. A Poppy is also intelligent, she barely holds grudges and only gets mad fast when it comes to siblings. She is also very loyal to her friends. Her favorite thing to say to her friends when they are feeling lonely is "No matter where I go, I'll never leave your side, you will never be alone." That's a Poppy for me. <3
Boy: Look, it's a POPPY!
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by Pøppy December 17, 2019
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Is a beautiful girl and is always there for you. She has a very big heart and will always make you smile. Make sure you will always be there for her the way she is there for you
She is called Poppy
by BillyBrown09 November 02, 2019
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Fans of Prince Poppycock (John Quale), who is an opera singer that appeared on America's Got Talent in Summer 2010.

Poppies tend to be fans of opera music (or were converted after seeing the Prince perform). They usually will have their profile pictures/avatars as pictures of the Prince or images of a poppy flower. They also tend to mimic the Prince, by giving themselves silly nicknames, like "The Grand Duchess Lillypop" and talk very elegantly, like, "What a quaint day I have had to day, my fellow poppies!"

This term is used by The Prince to describe his fans, the fans themselves, and those familar with America's Got Talent.
Jim: "Hey, this person seems really upset that Prince Poppycock got 4th place in America's Got Talent"

Tom: "Oh, yeah. They're one of his 'poppies'"

Jim: "His what?"

Tom: "They're a fan of the Prince"

Jim: "Oh!"
by Poppy Lover September 21, 2010
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An annual plant, of Eurasian origin, which produces a narcotic drug called opium (typically extracted from immature seed capsules), from which secondary drugs such as heroin and morphine are synthesized. The amount of opium extracted depends on the species/variety of poppy.

Ever wonder why poppy-seed pastries are fairly popular?
The southeast Asians and the Arabs perfected the art of opium poppy growing through thousands of years of cultivation.
by AYB July 29, 2003
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A girl on youtube that sings and makes short videos about anything that comes to her mind. She is suspected to be controlled by a group of people who may be the illuminati.
poppy: mmmm...mmmmmm....mmmmmm....I like strawberries :)
Viewer 1: She's pretty weird
Viewer 2: I like her :)
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by Mari the diva October 14, 2017
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Most poppy’s are quite small they are very attractive too they can get upset very quickly most poppy’s dont like their bodies they deny the fact that they look like a model. They are normally blondes they also love horses and they give the best hugs. If you’ve got a friend called poppy your lucky!

Dude: Have u seen poppy over there she is sooo hot omg I love her so much❤️
by Popsicle_west December 11, 2018
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Willow: Did you hear what poppy said
Me: yes, it was true but hard to hear
by Winter/Autumn November 18, 2018
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