A funny woman with a great sense of humour, who is generous, fierce, and has it going on.
OMG! I wish I had the life of Kath!
by vrban June 16, 2011
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A person who lives without curry. Often extremly amazing and has brunette hair and is usually very tall.
by lhlda;kjs;lkJLK February 9, 2009
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An abbreviation for Kathryn. Katie is too common of a name, so Kath makes the nickname! A Kath is often times stubborn but very easy to befriend!
friend: ughh! Kathryn you are so stubborn! I am nicknaming you Kath!!!!
by Jennz August 16, 2012
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Collective noun for a group of drunks.
Look at that kath of drunks at the bar.
by Sw-1 September 13, 2014
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An uninvited verbal intervention regarding a strangers' behavior around issues such as sustainability, global awareness, or personal liberation. 'Kaths' are usually gentle, but can be forceful. Typically, 'Kaths' immediately annoy, but they are offered - often courageously, often ridiculously - in the hope that the more reflective come to appreciate their logic.
A mild 'Kath': "Please don't litter - I don't want to live in your wastebasket".
More forceful: "Take off the veil!", as, say, in 35C heat, one peddles past a burka wearer walking well behind a summer-casual-dressed male on the bike path.
by bisfik September 7, 2011
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Hot with a decent personality but after you get close with her she reveals her actual crazy personality.
Wow, she has a ton of pet frogs. What a Kath.
by sittingacrossfromyou February 22, 2022
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A Kath is someone who is super innocent, like a mix between a nun and the girl next door. A kath can also be someone who is super hot and funny.
OMG gurl don't be such a kath!

Omg that kath is killin it tonight!
by Livvvverandonions February 10, 2016
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