A term for a person who is loving and caring to someone they like until their love, admiration and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through over protectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined. Yandere is mentally unstable and uses extreme violence or brutality as an outlet for their emotions.

Simply put, a yandere is lovesick; someone who has been driven to insanity by extreme obsession or love, thus resulting in abnormal behaviour if not violence. Take the tropes "Love Makes You Crazy", "Love Makes You Evil", "Love Hungry" and "Stalker with a Crush", turn them all up to eleven, and condense everything into a singular personified character archetype

Types of yanderes:

Harmless type

'Wrong idea' type

Obsession type

Stalker type

Monopoly type (most common one)

Dependence type ('dependence' as in addiction)

Projection type

Disappearence type

Final type ('final' as in 'the end')

Domestic violence type

Restraints type

Delusion type

Self-harm type

Removal type

Double suicide
(I was quite surprised when i found out that Dazai from BSD is a yandere tho)

Self-sacrifice type

Worship type

Training type

Koritsu yuudou-gata
Loneliness induction type

Bizarre-seeking type
Yandere: Come on, what's the problem? Just give me your heart! Gosh, she couldn't mean that much. Let me give you my love!
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Someone who is clingy and jealous to their most pathological extremes, leading to criminal acts such as stalking, kidnapping, maiming, or murder (of you and/or their perceived rivals for your love).
"Yandere" is a combination of two Japanese terms: "yanderu” (to be sick), and "dere-dere” (to be lovey-dovey). The yandere is a popular character trope in anime.
by IntrospectiveLiz March 10, 2021
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A person who will go to near-extreme to extreme lengths to be in or deepen a desired relationship, weather it be romantic, platonic, familial, etc.
“Yeah, I would kill for my brother. Guess you could call me a yandere.”

“I think my ex is a yandere... I see him everywhere.”
by I_Put_The_PAN_In_Panic April 17, 2020
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A yandere is a person (usually female) who is obsessed with someone to the point that they are will to do anything to be with that person. This can include(not limited to) killing people, threatening people, harming people, (etc.). Now although usually seen in only animes, there are some real cases of yanderes in the real world.
"Dude, don't go by Marco, he's a complete yandere for Jorja."
by TheFrenchDuck February 11, 2021
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A portmanteau of two Japanese words. Yanderu, meaning to be sick. And deredere meaning an infatuation, moonstruck, head-over heals, or lovestruck.
by insanekittyharley January 28, 2017
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Anime Slang. Pretty much someone who' in love with someone and they would kill anybody who would steal their crush.
"Touka, stop being a yandere!"
"Shut up, Kaneki!"
by Dipper_Pines_The_Brony April 12, 2016
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Noun - A person (typically a girl) who would use violent means to get their crush to love them.
"See that girl over there? She just killed 2 people to get him to love her. She's defenetly a yandere"
by ShxdyNeo September 11, 2018
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