Just a really nice and genuin person, some people piss her off and she can get very angry very quickly, but if you stay on her good side then I promis you will have so much fun with her. She's so fit and pretty and all the boys like her and want to smash her on a dishwasher.
Woah that must be a poppy ,she's so fit

Yh I wanna smash her on my dishwasher
by Dishwasherrrrrrrrr November 23, 2018
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Poppy's usually have brown hair. They are usually are very talented in athletics and music. They are by far the best kissers. Poppy's usually hold their feelings in to avoid getting hurt. She is fun to hang out with and is the life of the party. Poppy's are usually very pretty and intellengent, but they have their dumb moments. Poppy's are very funny as well. They're loyal an caring friends. If you happen to be a Poppy's friend your one lucky person.
Dude, that girl poppy is hot

She also got an A on that impossible quiz.
by Nowyouknow May 20, 2014
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a really beautiful, hot girl who is intelligent, clever, kind and highly amusing, she is loved by everyone who passes her and she always looks top-notch. she is a brilliant actress and is often compared to angelina jolie, marilyn monroe and many other famous actresses, past and present, and is a highly gifted singer, she sometimes gets mistaken for the likes of katy perry, rihanna and many other modern day singers. she will go far in life and will do anything to achieve her dreams.
1. "oh that girl, poppy, she is so hot!" "yeah, but she only goes for older guys bro" "oh. damn"

2. "oh my god, poppy is so beautiful and talented, i'm so jel" "don't be jel, be reem lol jk no one can be as brilliant as her"
by sohotwellmeltyourpopsicle August 19, 2011
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Hey, our friend's Poppy is crazy, letting us have a party as his house all the time.
by 4wiseowl September 27, 2007
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A girl who is very beautiful, very talented And smart
"Poppy is so Hot"
by MrPopperPenguin February 18, 2017
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It's someone that's wonderful inside & out. They're always going out their way to make their friends & people around them feel loved & appreciated. The sad thing is that they don't love themselves enough. Giving affection to other people makes them feel a little bit better about themselves but deep down they're still sad on how they feel about their self.
Ex: I am the Poppy in my huge friend group ):
by Cocainewithneeta January 30, 2019
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