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Poppy is commonly brown haired and brown eyed.

She's snakey af and tends to be an attention seeker whenever possible.

Rather grossly, always has snot in her nose and her breath always smells like the shit she ate for tea 3 days ago.

She's a drama queen and a phsyco and if you have a poppy in ur life, I suggest you run.
"That girls such a snake, she must be called poppy"
"Do you need a tissue or a toothbrush, you're starting to look like Poppy"
by Slag December 12, 2016
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A bowl consisting mainly of tobacco, topped off with a small amount of weed. To hit a poppy you cash the whole bowl in a bong and hit it all at once. The resulting headrush is magnificent.

A poppy that consists solely of tobacco is known as a sloppy.
You wanna head upstairs and hit a poppy with me?
by rahrahfuck December 21, 2015
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Noun: A drummer girl
Adjective: Loyal, trust-worthy
"Hey, thanks for listening to me the other day. It was really poppy of you."

Person 1: Hey, I didn't know she played drums?
Person 2: Yeah she's a poppy.
by Katiekatiekatie April 29, 2008
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A girl who is very beautiful, very talented And smart
"Poppy is so Hot"
by MrPopperPenguin February 18, 2017
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Poppy makes electronic shit that idiots with no taste in music enjoy.
Poppy is your typical boring, unoriginal pop singer.
by GayWatermelon November 26, 2017
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