Willow: Did you hear what poppy said
Me: yes, it was true but hard to hear
by Winter/Autumn November 18, 2018
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A girl who is super clingy and probably loves you too much. Super pretty and an caring, very sensitive and is a bit of a Yandere.
Friend: Poppy won’t leave stop hugging me
Other friend: Lol she is such a Poppy
by Superlitandawesomeperson April 27, 2018
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An independent girl who is very sensitive and kind to others, some people can be really rude and disrespectful but only really big bullies will make her feel let down, she is so pretty and kind and loving to all and will be very confident and strong at times or very moody and droopy or even funny and not so serious, she is one of the best people you can meet and will make you awfully happy, don’t be rude to a poppy, she will always come back better and stronger
by ......(.....).....:(:):(:):(:) February 12, 2018
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A Poppy is always the fittest, pengest, most beautiful girl you will ever know! She will have big tits, and be really clever and athletic, overall just amazing!

lol jk;) its the opposite!
*jizzes in pants*
by 7ewis October 17, 2011
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a pretty girl but doesn’t realise her beauty, very smart & usually work well under pressure. Quiet & shy usually suffers from some sort of social anxiety but crazy infront of close friends and relatives. Not good at confrontation & doesn’t enjoy any sort of drama. Poppy’s are usually very nice cool girls that you should be friends with.
by lolololololilolololololol January 13, 2019
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Such a slag, all she wants is different boys attention, scummy girl
Oh poppy she’s such a slag
by Yummymimmy November 07, 2019
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The opposite to Mommy/or mommie
Word given to describe an older adult male father figure or role model.

A slang word give to older males in latino gangs as a sign of respect.

Can also be said by women in a sexual manner towards a male she's attracted too.
also see poppie
Hey, Poppy can I got to the candy store.

Yo, poppy 5-0 pigs just caught carlos holding up a store.

Hey, poppy why don't you come over to my house and give me some lovin'.
by Mike April 20, 2005
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