Indigenous people living in the South Pacific Islands of Tonga.
Tonga is a Polynesian Island that once ruled all of Polynesia before any Europeans existed in the South Pacific or the Americas.

They were very friendly to the Europeans that visited them which is why they are they only South Pacific Island that hasn't been taken over by any European Country. They told the Europeans that their land belongs to God and no one else. They are mostly Christians and keep the Sabbath day sacred. Sundays all stores are closed and no one works that day.
They love their Polynesian people even though many Samoans may hold some sort of grudge against them because of things that happened in the past. They still love them as well. I can't give any exact example of a Tongan. Because like all Polynesians. We all are a mixed race. Each family has their family tree and dna lineage. None of them are exactly the same. Some are tall some are short. We got skin tones from white, yellow, tan, brown to even the darkest of brown. Flat noses, long bird noses, wide, skinny. We are the world and Proud of our culture and our Polynesian People. One Love!
The beautiful Tongan people of the Kingdom of Tonga.
I am Tongan
by IamwhatIam04 October 16, 2017
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The name given to a native of The Kingdom of Tonga, the only Pacific Island nation never to have been conquered or colonized by another country. A very proud people, with a very rich culture & history, that could be shown to the world if there weren't so many idiots among them that seem to think that they are better than anyone else. Many claim to be Christian, but by the the way they write on this website, it's very hard to believe. They are part of Polynesia which include all the nations from Hawai'i in the north, down toNew Zealand to the south & across to Easter Island in the east. Once the centre of a great Pacific empire that included Samoa, Rarotonga, The Marquesas Islands, Southern Fiji, & as far west as the Islands of Ouvea & Futuna in New Caledonia, the Tongan people were a talented seafaring people & fearsome warriors. They were once a Noble but Humble people, but unfortunately, some of today's Tongans have let their Pride turn to Arrogance, & all the great deeds done by their ancestors are being destroyed by a bunch of these arrogant thugs.
Stop the hatred between our other Polynesian Brothers & Sisters. We all have a proud history to look back at, no matter what Nation we're from.

POLYNESIA, UNITE !! If only this petty bickering between Island nations could stop, & all Polynesia could unite as one entity, it would give us all a stronger voice on the world stage. As a Proud Tongan, this is what I feel in my heart. To all the people who just hate Tongans for the sake of hating, I'm sorry you feel that way. You've just met the wrong Tongans. Peace & Love.
by TrueTonganHeart May 10, 2011
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Tongans only make 150 000 of the seven billion people on Earth with an increasing amount of 'half casts' who interestingly do not appear Tongan. However, they have the Tongan spirit. With a population of this size, these people really are unique.
Fact: Captain James Cook labelled Tonga as the friendly islands.
You have to meet a Tongan to understand.
by MadBaggage January 29, 2012
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People of Polynesian descent, from the Kingdom of Tonga. To distinguish a Tongan from any other polynesian group, just say "malo e lelei", if they answer back with "malo", or "malo e lelei", then they are Tongan.
Boy#1:Hey man, where you from?
Boy#2:I'm from The Island of Tonga.

Boy#1:Oh! So you are a Tongan?
Boy#2:Yup. Pretty much.

Boy#1:Malo e lelei!
Boy#1:Io, Malo.
by Tongan March 17, 2008
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The pacific islanders of the South Pacific Islands of Tonga. Tonga is known as the "Friendly Islands" which is in between New Zealand and and third away from Hawai'i. The Tongan people are known for their unique culture which includes dancing, clothing, and various sorts of delicious food. But the Tongan culture is mainly based on Respect. They believe the elders and the women should be treated with respect. They also greet visitors hoping to befriend them.
Tongans are perceived as the "bad kids". The ones who would start fights in

schools, pull out guns or any kind of weapon to fight. But these are all not true. Tongans are the friendliest group of people you'll ever meet throughout this whole world. They are not just some wild savages, here to just destroy things. I myself am a TONGAN! AND I AM SURE DAMN PROUD TO BE ONE! STOP PERCEIVING TONGANS AND OTHER POLYNESIANS AS BAD PEOPLE! Plus just don't be jealous you weren't born into the awesome life of a TONGAN FAMILY!

by ThatTonganKid104 December 12, 2014
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The coolest race on earth, they could kick anyones butt and know how to party. They are a very proud people because they are the only islanders never to be conquered or colonized by foreigners although they have done much conquering themselves. Tongans are naturally strong and good at sports like rugby but can be fat and lazy when influenced in a negative way, but at the end of the day a tongan could destroy you without effort.
Guy #1: Wow dude, you are so cool! You must be tongan!
Tongan: You know it, we the coolest out there.
by TCG rules July 5, 2011
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big balky ployneans. fears nothing. gangstered out but go with god stonglly.
if you llike living dont mess with tongans
by Paulah SEL-C Hopoi August 2, 2005
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