You can't do it
Son: *Rock Climbing*
Father: "You can do it, son"
Son: *Falls and dies*
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When your with your dad and you see someone of the same age as you doing something kind of difficult to do and out of jealousy and disappointment of his uncoordinated son says you can do that right? with a smile on his face
Dad - look at that kid doing tricks, You Can Do That, Right?

Son - yea
by Gimaf June 14, 2012
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Usually used in reference to peoples relationships...often meaning that the person can do better in terms of who they are with or dating...basically you need to step your game up, cause the person you with aint on your level and not cuttin up to yo standards...

See Also:
get on my level
step your game up
Marcus that girl i see you hooked up wit is hurt man and as broke beezy, you can do better than that, get off em broke youngins mayne...
by 510Obie May 31, 2006
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Try again sucka!

Hot way of telling someone their idea sucked.
Stan - Thinkin about this new T.I.?

Biff - You can do better than that - grab that Pitbull shit!
by chrisking5150 December 3, 2010
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When PewDiePie uses his ergonomic chair and folds it backwards to combat a point he has no words for.
Person: You don’t have any original content Pewds.
PewDiePie: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS? *lies down in chair*
by Rafaeru_ January 11, 2018
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When pewdiepie 399 dollars chair can do way more things then a normal chair can
(meme review)*stops in the middle of the video* "but can you do this!!"*flips chair backward disappears from the screen
by sup9876543 January 10, 2018
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