it means you are an easy person to know.
like reading an open book, you can read what the person is thinking or feeling.
Jenny: I like you Forest. Do you like me?
Forest: Well, I...
Jenny: You don't have to say it, you're an open book.
by shinviroz February 6, 2009
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Used in the phrase My Life Is An Open Book, in the 1990's I saw it online many times in personal profiles when a person was saying they are a student
by cuyahoga September 22, 2019
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Being so wasted that all inhibitions are lowered to the point where a person says anything and everything that comes to their mind creating an effect known as an "open book"
What did u expect me to say, i was open-book wasted
by thelonelyston3r July 8, 2010
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if its open book, then your friends can be used to gain your information from
You know its an open book test raymond lets do this!
by ahmedisleosometimeslolol February 2, 2021
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A term used to describe the loosening of one's ego when tripping on LSD; can also be described as easing ones objective rationality when tripping.
Dude1: Hey man that doesn't make any fucking sense, you know what I said makes perfect sense!!
Dude2: Relax man, you gotta open the book....
by jazzbar May 30, 2011
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reveal the inner workings of a project or company to a prospective new partner.
Anytime Mr Johnson wanted to open the books and initiate a new member, he, alone, didn't need the others' approval.
by coletto January 22, 2008
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American Mafia phrase that means when an LCN family opens up their rosters for recruitment, to bring in new made members.
Frankie, you've been on record for a while and you're a stand-up guy, so I'm gonna recommend you to the guy upstairs next time we open the books.
by Torelli_5150 May 20, 2023
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