it means you are an easy person to know.
like reading an open book, you can read what the person is thinking or feeling.
Jenny: I like you Forest. Do you like me?
Forest: Well, I...
Jenny: You don't have to say it, you're an open book.
by shinviroz February 6, 2009
Used in the phrase My Life Is An Open Book, in the 1990's I saw it online many times in personal profiles when a person was saying they are a student
by cuyahoga September 22, 2019
Being so wasted that all inhibitions are lowered to the point where a person says anything and everything that comes to their mind creating an effect known as an "open book"
What did u expect me to say, i was open-book wasted
by thelonelyston3r July 8, 2010
if its open book, then your friends can be used to gain your information from
You know its an open book test raymond lets do this!
by ahmedisleosometimeslolol February 2, 2021
A term used to describe the loosening of one's ego when tripping on LSD; can also be described as easing ones objective rationality when tripping.
Dude1: Hey man that doesn't make any fucking sense, you know what I said makes perfect sense!!
Dude2: Relax man, you gotta open the book....
by jazzbar May 30, 2011
reveal the inner workings of a project or company to a prospective new partner.
Anytime Mr Johnson wanted to open the books and initiate a new member, he, alone, didn't need the others' approval.
by coletto January 22, 2008
A statement Chronic Cheating Pathological Liars with multiple personalities use to gain the trust of others professionally and romantically by giving the impression that they have nothing to hide in any chapter of their lives. They often use this reference right away on a first or second encounter to set the stage and lend credibility when things just aren't adding up down the road. They may busy covering up major amounts of bullshit they produce in every direction but if they have someone convinced they are an open book then it's smooth sailing until proven otherwise beyond a shadow of a doubt. To avoid any of this if you are ever in the presence of someone claiming to be a"an open book", kick then in the balls as hard as you can and abruptly leave them screaming in agony.
"You can ask me anything, for I am an open book"
by Thrives on non$en$e September 15, 2022