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Someone who loves and desires attention, they seek attention and sometimes live off of attention. They will do anything for attention even things that is immoral like posting pictures half naked, backstabbing, lying, fake crying, acting insecure for compliments.

Most girl attention seekers are called Melissa, Jenny, Jessica, Lezil, and Désiré.
Girl1: I'm so ugly, I think everyone is prettier than me.
Girl2: Please stop attention-seeking, it's really irritating. Everyone knows you think you are hot why else would you take thousands of pictures and half naked too. Just get over yourself.
by TheForener April 30, 2013
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someone that it incredibly annoying and will do anything to be in the spotlight!!! commonly known from lauren mcgrath’s slang
Damn. She’s so attention seeking. That bitch will do anything for people to look at her...
by chompingbecky May 31, 2018
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Somebody who's more desperate than usual to get undue credit and respect.
He/she was attention seeking his/her entire life.
by Cloud Atlas Publishing Co. November 18, 2019
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