Used to be
someone who
Wrote a lot of lines that rhymed & were otherwise
possessed of a musical quality that did not
necessarily require
strings or drums in the
& was altogether too smart for words

Now a poet is
someone who
fucks about with the length
so as to make
the utterly
appear to have unplumbed depths of meaning
which I suppose
is at least moderately
Everyone's a poet ... only they just don't know it.
by Fearman November 17, 2007
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a dreamer.. someone who lives life almost like a movie. or maybe someone who can rhyme all the time.
I sat on a bat cause im so fat!
Wow, your a poet and you didnt even know it!
by mackattack92255 January 17, 2006
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Attention-seeking artist who risks embarrassment in treating the general public as their therapist... Lyrical oversharer...
Get me away from that chick. She told me her whole life story and I don't even know her name!! What a poet!
by Createlala April 10, 2016
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Someone who writes alot of "meaningful" significant crap, in a rather eloquent way, but is often the only one who actually gets it.
Poet: so,you wanna read that for me and tell me what you think?
Pseudo Intellectual: yeh sure...
* 15 minutes later *
Pseudo Intellectual: well...*scratches chin*...*looks pensive*...I think it's rather deep...
Poet: oh, great..thanks.

Pseudo Intellectual to self---huh!?!?
by BitchnProud May 27, 2006
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Piss Off Early Today

Used in workplace environment to let others know you are leaving early today.
It's Friday, so I'll POET today.
by xlatia September 21, 2007
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Adjective - Mildly awe-inspiring and portraying general awesomeness.
Guy 1 - What did you think of the 1912 silent motion film Saved From The Titanic?

Guy 2 - It was poet man.
by elibeman April 30, 2013
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