Poeting (v) po-et-ting-- a poet that is actively writing or performing spoken word poetry
"Coming to the stage Poeting all the way from Miami, Florida..."
"I was up poeting all night for my new poetry book"
by Rock The Mic All Arts June 6, 2021
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Ruler of the world simply on the grounds that he/she speaks in a form that is ellegant, and must understand that poetry was spoken before it was ever written.
by PoeticOne January 19, 2007
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a poet doesn’t fear

a poet doesn’t fear
since darkness was and is
an unwavering companion

a poet doesn’t fear
take a slice of me when you go
and i will write myself better

a poet doesn’t fear
since silence has carried him
through countless metallic archways of night

no it is not these things –
a poet fears only
that his heart will go out
still full of ink

-Robbie Woods
a poet doesn't fear
by Drama_King March 7, 2009
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someone who makes chicks seem to go crazy.
im a poet. unlike prose writers when i form my sentences it doesnt make any coherent sense but it sounds fuckin cool anyway.
by wrongsideoftheprism August 25, 2003
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A person who writes poetry. The archaic term for a female poet is "poetess", but due to some feminists concidering the term sexist, "poetess" isn't used much now.

Also known as a bard (straight from the Gaelic "bàrd"), or troubador(from Latin and French), and especially known as these things in the Midieval Era.
'S e bàrd a th'annam (It is a poet that I am).
by Lorelili March 27, 2005
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