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Pocodot is a social networking website similar to Facebook. It uses questionable means of advertising by creating fake Youtube accounts and posting comments on popular videos stating that artists have created their own Pocodot pages. The comments are hacked so they appear to have high ratings. As you know, highly rated comments will get more attention. The comments posted by Pocodots are advertisement base, i.e they will say that many famous celeb, such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne have their own Pocodot webpage (actually these are lies, it's a publicity stunt) and unaware celeb fans will try to access to these celeb webpage. Since you can't see these webpage unless you are a registered users, so many are unawared and sing up for Pocodot. Pocodot has "no deletion" policy, so any registered account can't be deleted. These users are actually being tricked to use this social networking website. Thus, Pocodot gain its registered users. Most Youtube users are smart enough to hit the "spam" button. They've figured out that Pocodot is just trying to be another "Facebook". Clearly the website has gone wrong in its viral marketing technique.
Check this out on pocodot... Sorry single ladies, Timothy Zachery Mosley aka Timbaland is showing off his wedding bling.Everyone's favorite record producer married his publicist Monique Idlett last year and flashed his rock in Beverly Hills on Thursday.No doubt Monique has an even bigger ring, if he wants to keep up the good press.
by DeletedFromWiki February 25, 2011
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Scam. Don't use it...

Notice that on Vevo videos on Youtube, the top rated comments are almost always about Pocodot. As the other definitions say, the companies "thumbs up" the comments about Pocodot to attract people to it..
What, do you really need an example?
by ForeverYoung36 March 09, 2011
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A Facebook clone that failed 2D Max. People with fake names like EX: Georgie34 will say a sentence that sounds social and comfortable and will have the word pocodot in it. The curious (sad) people of youtube will search it up on google, and if stupid, will sign up on the site.
annlee86able : Beautiful song for every beautiful lady out there inside and out! Good theme song for a beauty pageant. LOL. ALways love Bruno Mars, disappointed though after hearing in Pocodot' about a drug issue.
(below som1 trying to act like a curious person but is in the gig)
Carmez84:@annlee86able Yeah. :(( But I will always like him for now. LOL. Pocodot'? what is that?

Me: *Flagged for spam*
by BlkCrusader February 19, 2011
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The company pocodot is trying to trick youtube viewers into making pocodot accounts. They are leaving comment and then thumbs up their own comments to get you to go to their site. Is just lame.
Guy 1: why are so many pocodot account in youtube videos?
Guy 2: They are trying to trick us, don't give them thumbs up
by danylyon February 13, 2011
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The new word meant to aggravate you. No matter which video you click, as long as its moderately popular and sorta recent. Some Pocodot corporate asshole will hold BOTH highest rated comments spots.

If you're like any youtube member, you enjoy reading the highest rated comments (even though a majority of them are immensely stupid) however now, Pocodot has taken that pleasure from you.

Their site is a scam, a waste of time and takes away one of youtube's great pleasures.

P.S Not as bad as Vevo but almost.
For those who don't know or hates pöcödöT, they don't know what is happening. This is another social networking like Facebook. Facebook also did what pocodot doings when they were new. pöcödöT has unique features, stylish designs, great securities. Those saying that this had a virus, Trojan, 3rd party is not really true. There's always a competition. Try it and see it for yourself

-being obviously factious, Pocodot's specialty.

I so LOVE the Loving Beyonce..... beautiful and sooo gorgeously looking!!! to those haters in poc0d0t' I wasn't trying to bash you off, Beyonce got everything she needs, BEYONCE RULEZZ!!!!

-I love Beyonce not Pocodot! Please fuck off now!
by King Zeel March 06, 2011
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(noun) some wicked dumb-ass anti-facebook site prickheads are spamming about all over YouTube.
The anyway spammed YouTube comments are taken over some pocodot maniacs and I can't get to read one normal.
by redhairbeast February 26, 2011
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Social Networking website to compete with Facebook. It is NOT used by famous celebrities as some YouTube comments suggest. The comments on celebrities signing up with Pocodot are FAKE 'thumbsed up' (used to market the site).

Also, it is a scam. They share your personal information, and their questionable marketing techniques, are a sure fire indication that you should stay away from it.

The plus side: It has a dislike button, unlike Facebook.
"Lovely song... can you imagine she signed up for 1 million dollar at pocodot while gaga 2million dollars.. whoa... they both let everyone see and read their pocodot profile... guess its facebook killer" -- YouTube comment on a popular Rihanna music video by garlicloverful
by Pocodot_CEO February 16, 2011
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