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A Facebook clone that failed 2D Max. People with fake names like EX: Georgie34 will say a sentence that sounds social and comfortable and will have the word pocodot in it. The curious (sad) people of youtube will search it up on google, and if stupid, will sign up on the site.
annlee86able : Beautiful song for every beautiful lady out there inside and out! Good theme song for a beauty pageant. LOL. ALways love Bruno Mars, disappointed though after hearing in Pocodot' about a drug issue.´╗┐
(below som1 trying to act like a curious person but is in the gig)
Carmez84:@annlee86able´╗┐ Yeah. :(( But I will always like him for now. LOL. Pocodot'? what is that?

Me: *Flagged for spam*
by BlkCrusader February 19, 2011

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