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The cutest, sweetest, best looking, funniest, most lovable guy alive. He's protective, caring, beyond perfect. You will fall in love the second you see his blue eyes. He makes you weak at the knees when you kiss. He is beyond amazing. Once you see him, you can't can't imagine life without him. You wanna spend forever with him, and that still wouldn't be long enough. You want to protect his heart, make him smile, and keep him forever. He's sexy, athletic, smart, and handsome. He is your world, your life, and the only thing you want forever.
"Is he your Zachery?"
"Yes, he's that amazing."
by AliMarie<3 January 09, 2012
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The most amazing boy in the world. Has amazing eyes. Says the sweetest things that make your knees absolutely weak. When around a Zachery be sure to have an extra shirt! Really likes the color lime green. Likes to strip sometimes. (LOL) Walks to places a lot. Loves DDR and ramen noodles.

Zacherys also love Chealseas.
-Did you see Zachery in the arcade playing DDR yesterday?

-Yeah! He was with Chealsea wasn't he?
by Chealsea Christina August 28, 2008
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The most flamboyant and lanky kid in the school. Zachery's are often mistaken as gay and are called gay by all his friends. If your name is Zachery chances are every girl you like get stolen by another friend in the group.
Man, everyone calling me a faggot makes me feel like a Zachery.

Shit, Michael stole my girlfriend, I'm such a Zachery.

Why did I get an invite to the International Conference of the Gays? What the fuck, am I a Zachery?
by Mr. Moisture November 30, 2017
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A pain in the ass. He’s obnoxious, arrogant, and thinks he’s the shit. A Zachery can be cringey, annoying, but sweet at the same time.
Jesus Christ he’s such a Zachery
Awh what a Zachery
Ew it’s fucking Zachery
by Emma_W123 October 27, 2017
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