Gaelic for awesome talent. gifted in music and very appealing to the eye.
Sequin wearing game changer, who is out to change the world.

Beautifully gifted piano player who legend has it, teamed up with Sir Elton John and brought the house down.
Fashion icon and future leader of the free world. Liberation is coming.
Monster lover.
In some cultures it also refers to a gorgeous derriere.
Bad romancer.
That artist is so gaga, I can't wait to see them in concert.
That girl was gagahot.
I just heard a beautiful song that left me so gaga speechless.
Did you see that gaga creation by Armani?
gaga has made an acceptance speech and is taking over.
I feel so gaga liberated.
That sure is a beautifulgaga monster.
Did you see the gaga on that babe?
She gave me a bad romance but I still love her.
by str8up monster February 5, 2010
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And abbreviation for the amazing singer/songwriter Lady Gaga.
Person 1: Is that gaga?
Person2: Oh my god it is!
by Shut Up, Ron August 1, 2022
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Old and Senile. Usually refering to an old person who has absolutely no idea about what is going on.
She is so gaga that she thinks a quarterback is a refund...
by Insane March 11, 2005
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A game played with a ball in an inclosed area and played with many different people
Can we play gaga in the mud today
by Zoya December 13, 2004
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a word used to show amusement or fascination in something
"did you see Pete Wentz's new selfie it made me gaga"
by pencey August 27, 2016
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<v.> Get A Girl's Attention, unlike macking, it's is with a longterm relationship in mind
Boy 1: Man, you can't gaga worth a crap

Boy 2: Can't help it, bro. I'm shy.
by Orangehatter January 22, 2005
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