the worst year of your fucking life. The year that colleges choose to look at the closest out of all your years in high school. Because of said scrutiny, students tend to take an overload of challenging courses. This year is characterized by no more than 4 hours of sleep each night, no social life, mounting pressure, incomprehensible stress, never-ending tests (APs, SAT, etc.) and work. Many combine this with too many extra curricular activities which can also make you want to collapse by the end of every day.

Out of all years, finals week will be the toughest to get through during junior year.

effects of junior year can include, but are not limited to:
sleep deprivation, delirium, reaching brain capacity, involuntary twitching, physical manifestation of stress, decline in grades, and/or spontaneous combustion
Parent: "I know it's Junior Year and all, but it's not healthy to be so sleep deprived..."
Junior: "Colleges don't look at health!"

Friend: "wanna hang out?"
Junior: "Are you crazy?! It's Junior Year, no time to hang."
by theshabang May 31, 2011
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I hate junior year, it makes me want to kill myself.
by radiate May 20, 2019
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good ol’ junior, the worst year of high school. this is the year thatll mentally make u insane from the pounds of homework and tests u get, freshman and sophomores think they have it bad but have 0 idea whats infront of them. this is also the year where youll see ur fellow classmates trying to get into the sophomore and freshman girl’s pants cuz they know the under classmen will do anything to say theyre dating an upper classman and the juniors know that damn well which makes it very easy for them. its very cringe but bullying is a thing (im kidding dont do that)
sophomore girl: i cant wait for junior year im so excited to finally be an upperclassman!

junior guy: no it horrible trust me *insert random sexual joke in hopes to get his nuts touched*

sophomore girl: hahah omg ur such a funny guy!

junior guy: lets fuck in my car at lunch now
by nomames661 April 13, 2022
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Junior year means you are FINALLY an upperclassmen after 2 years of crap in the underclassmen ranks (The Freshmen and Sophomores) Meanwhile, Freshmen are the newcomers, Juniors are busier than before, and the Seniors are partying and having a blast about graduation and going off to either college or work. Nobody really cares about the Sophomores.

Junior year also means you have to focus on which college is right for you and still have another year of homework and stupid responsibilities. Good luck
Junior 1: Since I started Junior year, I'm still going to get tons of homework 24/7. But, hey! At least Junior year is one of the exciting years!

Junior 2: Ikr! We're finally upperclassmen after 2 years of crap in the Freshmen and Sophomore ranks! Finally! Now, we can worry less about being bullied as well!

Freshman 1: Well, first year of high school. Hopefully I won't get bullied 24/7

Freshman 2: I heard that most upperclassmen can be kind of mean

Sophomore 1: Geez, sophomore year sucks. Nobody really gives a crap about us

Sophomore 2: Ikr

*Seniors are just partying. No pun intended*
by JellyBean600 August 3, 2018
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