Anywhere except here, or nowhere. Duh though?
by Rain[x] October 22, 2008
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1. The plural form of everywhere.

2. So many different places that it would be pointless to list them all.
"Where did you guys go today?"

"Dude, we went everywheres"
by fail whale November 23, 2009
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There fears here, the old is lost in renewing, where everywhere's waiting in queue on cue of one's own doing.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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a) the correct answer to any rude or dumb question, with no need for elaboration.
b) the answer to any question you don't really understand, nor care to.
d) a geopolitically ambiguous place i.e. the iraq
e) a vague reply to any question that has caught you off guard.

A multipurpose phrase that can be used as a noun, adverb, transition, modifier, independent clause on its own. It has curious mutational qualities that take on every grammatical quality known to the English language.

The word "and," can also be added to the end of the string of words for extra flair; general usage guidelines recommend following this "and," with silence or more meandering gibberish.

This phrase was coined by Miss South Carolina during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant.
Guy: Yo, shortay, where you at?
Girl: Everywhere like such as (and.) kthxbye loser.

Q: Are you gay?
A: Everywhere like such as (and.)

Q: I heard you got implants this summer. Is that true?
A: Everywhere like such as (and.)

Q: Where are you going?
A: Everywhere like such as (and.)

Q: Compare the ideologies of Chomsky and Fouceault on the subject of linguistics, and place their respective perspectives within the framework of variationist theory in the 21st century.
A: Everywhere like such as (and.)
by Osh Gosh August 28, 2007
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A potato that is not explicitly refined to any couch, sofa, or other similarly upholstered seats.
"I told that fat bastard to get off the couch and get outside, but then I realized he was an everywhere potato anyway and would just lay outside like an overgrown cheese."
by your mother's tofu November 9, 2013
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