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The automobile equivalent of a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back, and no one can figure out why anyone has one.
Friend: I bet your loser roommate drives that PT Cruiser
You: You mean the MulletTRON3000? Yeah, that's his.
BOTH: Laughter
by Turk Ruben March 19, 2011
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A 4-door hatchback vehicle, released by Chrysler, in 2001 as a "platform all its own". Using retro style and economical front wheel drivetrain, the P.T. (Personal Transport) Cruiser is adaptable, fun to drive, good on gas and retro-tastic.
Though not as futuristic as the Vibe or the Matrix, the P.T. Cruiser was the first and the most recognizable of the half-breed car/suvs.
by Denis Baldwin September 24, 2003
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A car model by Chrysler shaped like an old-style 50s roadster, but with better curves. Not entirely an SUV (it's lower to the ground, has better gas mileage and doesn't look like a shoe box on wheels), not entirely a sports car (too functional, not angular enough in the driver/passenger areas), it has a shape and style instantly recognizable. Enthusiasts have also taken to adding effects such as chrome, decals, spoilers, and more chrome to give each car a distinctive flavor/identity. The only argument against the car is its 4-cylinder engine which weakens its acceleration ability. Otherwise, it's a great car.
That PT Cruiser over there has a chrome grille, a scoop hood, rear wing spoiler, and flag decals all over the doors. And dice, it's gotta have fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror!
by Paul Wartenberg October 20, 2003
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The ultimate in gay and lesbian transport. Not really, but anybody who owns one is recommended to get a CAT scan to make sure they don't have a tumor that might be affecting their thought process. They are retro styled, look absolutely horrible, and are driven exclusively by dipshits.
Should have been called the Looser Cruzer
Every time I see somebody driving a PT Cruiser I think, "What a fag."
by Mustangs Rule March 28, 2009
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the ugliest most horrific creature ever made

It's always driven by some fat chich

and the fat chich must have:
*some article of red clothing
*capris(which are also an abomination)
*and megarolls all over their body
"Dude...I'm gonna throw up just looking at that pt cruiser"

" too! and also puke from the monster inside"
by senorragamuffin March 17, 2009
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The ugliest car that will ever exist.
"I drive one of those 70's station wagons with the fake wood crap on the side"
"But those are so ugly"
"Until you park next to a PT Cruiser. It makes you feel like you're driving a Mini Cooper no matter what you're driving."

"Hey, let's see how ugly a car can be and still sell"

"I wonder what an old Beetle would look like if someone tried to make it an SUV and also tried to make it the ugliest car ever"
-Person pulls up in a PT Cruiser-

"Have you ever seen an obscenely ugly car?"
"Yeah, it's called the PT Cruiser and you get uglier every time you look at one"
by Lasagna Feet December 17, 2008
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Providing moisture to a man's taint via tounge.
Soda, our staff writer deserves a PT Cruiser for being a jackass on a consistent basis.

This taint is dry so open wide and give me a PT Cruiser.
by Jullio S. January 12, 2011
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