Short for plebeian, a disrespectful term originally used to refer to lower class people or commoners in ancient rome. Could nowadays be used similarly disrespectful to describe someone who doesn't "get" good art, food, music or anything culturally relevant to you, as well as uneducated rude people in general. Can also be used half-jokingly in friendly banter.
"Wow you're such a pleb."

"Don't worry, your track is a banger. They're just plebs"
"Damn, this place is way too fancy, I feel like a pleb."
by StrangeParsnip September 28, 2020
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Short for plebeian. Someone with very basic, boring, or generic taste. They have no interest in the artistic value of things.
"Hey have you ever seen a Lars Von Trier movie?"
"Lol who's that? He's got a weird name. My favorite movies are Despicable Me and Ted. Also, wtf happened to Shia Labeuf? He was doing cool action shit and then he, like, started failing at life and doing boring movies."
"Wow, you're such a pleb."
by PSB13 December 3, 2016
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...that pleb just tried to google tranlate weeb...
by NotCernet August 18, 2018
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Often used as a synonym for "peasant," a "Pleb" is someone who is regarded as being of a lower standing/status.
The pleb will often not realize that they are, in fact, a pleb. And may even recognize someone who is also seen as a pleb as (more of) a pleb. This is of course a falsehood a pleb will tell oneself in order to make themselves not feel so bad about being a pleb. For, deep within their heart of hearts, the pleb hates him/herself more than anything.
Often times,"pleb" will be used by a member of the glorious PC Gaming Master Race as a way to put down a console gamer. And rightly so.
"you fucking pleb"

"fucking console pleb!"

"Assassins Creed is better at 30fps because it's meant to be more 'cinematic'? Fucking pleb. . . "
by TheDude93 February 17, 2015
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A pleb is an ordinary person, especially one from the lower social classes.
Preston plays: you're such a pleb
by Fe4rless2.0 November 5, 2020
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A Pleb, short for Plebeian, is in short, a commoner, an idiot, someone whom you know to be the butt of all jokes and insults.

They are usually confused with Fuck boys, only a Pleb is below even them.

Plebs are very common in our day and age, you will usually find 1-3 of them within your social party.
They are very easy to find as they stand out, the most common trend among plebs at the moment is douche bag sunglasses and shark fin hair.

But don't worry, if the pleb is smarter than the average pleb and in disguise you can find them by these three simple steps: is your guy seeking attention, if yes-possible pleb, is you guy rambling non stop about crap you don't care about-most likely a pleb- and finally, is your guy telling you unrealistic stories you know are not true?-if yes, you definitely have a pleb in your presence.

they are a very sensitive species so please, be cautious when approaching.
1. Callum tried to be of use to the class when all he did was fuck up. 'God Callum your such a pleb' exclaimed the class.
2.He walked into the room with dark sunglasses on and a shark that sprouted from his head. At this very moment i knew i had laid eyes on a pleb.
3.When your friend tries to show your joke up with a continuation and fails. That's when you know have met a pleb. RIP soul.
by sodonewithyourbullshit October 24, 2015
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