A fart that crawls up your balls and vibrates out the front, creating an atomic smell.
Grant: warning. I just let out a despicable me.

Grant: Oh, despicable me...
by OopseIdiditagain November 13, 2016
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A movie containing a villain named Gru, 3 orphan girls with weird ass name, and yellow minions that assemble on que.
Also, probably the best movie ever made. A cinema adventure filled with evil villains, freeze guns, girl-scout cookies, and fluffy unicorns.
-"Did you see Despicable me?"
--"Of course, I brought my unicorn with me!"
by UnicornMaster July 27, 2010
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Dave is the best minion no contest.
Despicable me 2 is the greatest film of all time”

Azelin stop jerking off to despicable me 2
by Sober_Blam April 19, 2023
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Using someones dildo as a lightsaber in a kids fight. Prefferably used.
Kendrik: "Yo Usain Cheatin'!"
Usain: "No I am just being The Despicable Me"
by KittyCatDestroyer1982 September 23, 2023
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Despicable Me 2 is a comedy movie and is a sequel to Despicable Me. The story is about Gru joining the Anti Villain League with his new partner Lucy to take down a Drug Lord. The movie won the title of 3rd best selling movie in the box office in 2013.
by Sober Blam April 25, 2023
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