Someone who wants to drop out of school, live in a bush and work at MacDonalds
Josh is a pleb, he wants to drop out and work at MacDonalds
by TopSHAGGERinSA October 15, 2018
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A typically boring, plain person.

-pleb dance right here right now-
yo mad hav such a pleb all he do is play fortnite and spam "///" on hangouts
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Anya's a fucking pleb for thinking a burger isn't a type of sandwich
by chickendippa June 05, 2017
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Refers to an un-educated individual. Usually used by stuck up, middle class, university student types to describe any other normal person.
Oh i say im too good for them, their lowlife plebs.
by nano118 June 11, 2008
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people lacking everyday basic skills
a group definition for idiots

for example changing a tire on a car, sewing a button onto a shirt, making toast (without burning it)

...if you cant do these simple tasks your known as PLEBS
by gLeeDiker February 28, 2011
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β€œPleb” is a shorthand for the English noun β€œplebeian,” which means "of lower socioeconomic class"

Online, the term has been often used as a pejorative label for someone who is considered unsophisticated or uncultured, or a person that can be compared as poor to the speaker.

Famous youtuber Dan Howell often refers to roommate Phil Lester as a "coffee pleb" as he only drinks cheap, instant coffee.
Dan: "Phil, we have literally hundreds of gourmet coffees in the cupboard, why are you drinking instant coffee?"
Phil: "I only drink instant coffee."
Dan: "You're such a coffee pleb."
Phil: "Just add water!"
by largepoodle1 April 16, 2015
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