1.A word to describe someone stupid
2. A word do describe someone clumsy
"Johnny broke his phone last night"
"Johnny is such a pleb"
by Pleb lover March 26, 2017
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Somebody like you
Bob: What does "pleb" mean?
Jerry: Some dude like you...
Bob: But more precisely?
Jerry: Uuuh, dude, I have to dip, talk to you tomorrow though, yeah?
Bob: But can you ju-
Jerry: BYE!
by ßad life March 23, 2018
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Short name for plebeian, also a short name for Ben Tzodikov.
Person 1: TARS is such a pleb.
Person 2: But no one is as big a pleb as Ben.
Person 1: True
by notdarius June 11, 2015
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A devoted fan of The TTV Channel on YouTube. Usually denotes the status symbol of pledging to their Patreon account.
-Dude, are you a pleb?
-Yeah, I pledge $100 a month.
-Wow, you're like a super pleb!
by Syobnaf January 27, 2018
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Someone that's hella basic and usually relatively unintelligent too. It's origin is from the word plebeian, meaning a commoner in renaissance-enlightenment age Europe.
by bishidontneednomutherfukinname February 14, 2017
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Anya's a fucking pleb for thinking a burger isn't a type of sandwich
by chickendippa June 05, 2017
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