Short for plebian, derived from the period of the Ancient Romans. The plebeians were the general body of Roman citizens and those who were privileged were labeled patricians.
Nowadays, a pleb is one associated with those in the lower class. They often lack integrity and sophistication, while many people who consider themselves modern-day patricians often lookdown and mock them.
Man in hole: Oi. Anyone out there?
Man outside of hole: Not if there isnt anyone of my kind in there!
Man in hole: you mean someone who is outside of this hole?
Man outside of hole: chut up, pleb!
by Blackington September 12, 2006
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1)one who's inferior intelligence results in them making a complete titface out of themselves in public

2)one who has had their brain replaced with a mall cucumber whilst visiting the doctor fora routine check up

also used as the verb
plebbed, or to pleb
"jonny francis is a right pleb," cried cristina

"don't tell me that billy has fucking plebed it up again!"
by fred December 03, 2003
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anyone that is below you. It can be socially, economically, linguistically, intelligently, whatever, it doesn't matter. It is up to you to decide and is on a case by case basis. Though if you are calling some rich bastard like Warren Buffet a pleb than your first name should probably be Sultan, to put it in perspective. It is best to use the word to describe someone that is not around though because then they are not there to prove you wrong with a fat stack of cash or by breaking out the queen's english or some crap. However, calling someone a pleb usually does not lead to a fight because they are likely too stupid to understand how much you have just insulted them. It is really best used to embrace your own current well-being, in good fun, with a underhanded insult on the dregs of society.
A guy walks out onto his pool deck in the middle of the afternoon with a tray full of double patron margaritas for his friends and lobster tails and steaks on the grill and says "I wonder what the plebs are doin today?" and then wonders if he turned on the security system at his beach house.
by LoopDit July 07, 2012
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Short for Plebeian.

Today, Pleb is often used to describe a person who appears to belong to the lower or middle classes of society.

This term was originally used to refer to the class of common people in ancient Rome. These people were often poor or middle class, but could also be very wealthy. A wealthy Pleb differed from a Patrician (the elite/upper class) because they were not born into their social status, but rather moved up in society on their own steam.

Upperclassman: "He doesn't have an education and he has a crappy job that earns him very little money. He's such a Pleb"

by Trufs February 16, 2009
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Often used as a synonym for "peasant," a "Pleb" is someone who is regarded as being of a lower standing/status.
The pleb will often not realize that they are, in fact, a pleb. And may even recognize someone who is also seen as a pleb as (more of) a pleb. This is of course a falsehood a pleb will tell oneself in order to make themselves not feel so bad about being a pleb. For, deep within their heart of hearts, the pleb hates him/herself more than anything.
Often times,"pleb" will be used by a member of the glorious PC Gaming Master Race as a way to put down a console gamer. And rightly so.
"you fucking pleb"

"fucking console pleb!"

"Assassins Creed is better at 30fps because it's meant to be more 'cinematic'? Fucking pleb. . . "
by TheDude93 February 17, 2015
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A Pleb, short for Plebeian, is in short, a commoner, an idiot, someone whom you know to be the butt of all jokes and insults.

They are usually confused with Fuck boys, only a Pleb is below even them.

Plebs are very common in our day and age, you will usually find 1-3 of them within your social party.
They are very easy to find as they stand out, the most common trend among plebs at the moment is douche bag sunglasses and shark fin hair.

But don't worry, if the pleb is smarter than the average pleb and in disguise you can find them by these three simple steps: is your guy seeking attention, if yes-possible pleb, is you guy rambling non stop about crap you don't care about-most likely a pleb- and finally, is your guy telling you unrealistic stories you know are not true?-if yes, you definitely have a pleb in your presence.

they are a very sensitive species so please, be cautious when approaching.
1. Callum tried to be of use to the class when all he did was fuck up. 'God Callum your such a pleb' exclaimed the class.
2.He walked into the room with dark sunglasses on and a shark that sprouted from his head. At this very moment i knew i had laid eyes on a pleb.
3.When your friend tries to show your joke up with a continuation and fails. That's when you know .....you have met a pleb. RIP soul.
by sodonewithyourbullshit October 24, 2015
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Somebody like you
Bob: What does "pleb" mean?
Jerry: Some dude like you...
Bob: But more precisely?
Jerry: Uuuh, dude, I have to dip, talk to you tomorrow though, yeah?
Bob: But can you ju-
Jerry: BYE!
by รŸad life March 23, 2018
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